How to Keep your Garage Organized

June 25, 2020

It is no surprise that your garage may be filled with items of all sorts. The garage is like a blackhole of items without a place in your house.  Keep on top of your garage and its clutter by setting a garage cleaning schedule. A good idea would be to do this twice a year when you perform or hire a professional like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to maintain your garage door.

When you know that it is the time of the year to clean your garage, be realistic with the time you will dedicate. Setting aside a whole weekend is usually enough, of course, still depending on the state of your garage. You can involve your family and friends to make this activity more bearable and possibly even enjoyable. This will also shorten the time you will spend as there will be more hands on-deck. Check that the weather for that weekend is dry. Lastly, you may want to book for a regular maintenance check-up for your garage door with a company like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

In cleaning the garage, it is always good to move everything out of the garage so you can see how much storage capacity you have. Once you have removed everything, sort all the items according to those which you will keep, donate, sell or trash. When you have determined which items you would like to keep, group these things according to categories that are sensible to you. You can sort according to frequency of use, general use of item such as heavy-duty tools, item size or even allocate a cabinet or area per person.

After you have cleaned your belongings, arrange your items by utilizing your wall space and overhead storage. Keeping items off the floor helps you avoid accumulating clutter and it also makes your garage look neater. Put frequently used items either eye-level or near the access point where it is needed and less frequently used items in places that are harder to reach. It is also good practice to put bulky items in areas that it will not be hit. There are heavy duty shelving, wall racks, panelized walls with hook provisions, tracks and pegboards in the market for better use of your wall space. When using your overhead space, make sure that the shelves you install do not interfere with the garage door.

You can opt for cabinets for items that need to be protected from dust or dirt. These cabinets can also be used to stow away hazardous items that need to be locked from children and pets. Avoid using cabinets for less delicate or non-hazardous items as this tends to become a disorganized storage area. You can use open shelves instead. If flammables are stored in the garage, make sure you have an extinguisher with an ABC rating. Also check that the garage door opener is a UL-listed motor. If storing flammables in the garage are unavoidable, you may want to have your garage door opener, if not listed, replaced by a certified technician like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company for your safety.

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