How To Open A Frozen Garage Door

December 28, 2020

How to Deal With A Frozen Garage Door | Diamond Garage Doors

Winter weather is all fun and exciting until you get to experience being uncomfortable with it. With the cold weather, the system of your garage door can be damaged leaving it stuck up and locking you inside, or worse, preventing you from going inside if you are caught in the cold weather outside. Because of the winter weather, there is a possibility for your garage door to end up collecting water in the garage door seal and this water can freeze which will prevent the door from opening. However, you are lucky because this article will be giving you tips on how to solve this problem so that you will not have to wait until springtime anymore just to have your door be opened.

Opening a garage door that is frozen

If your garage door is stuck, you must keep in mind that you must never try to open it with its opener for doing that will cause damage to your garage door and the opener. To open a frozen door, you just have to manually remove the opener from the door and then remove the ice that have formed below. You must bear in mind that you must do this carefully and not to open the door forcefully because doing so can damage other parts of your garage door.

Open your garage door manually by following these steps:

1. Make sure that nothing is stuck, and no parts were broken. Before you try to raise your door manually, you must check for the surroundings first to make sure that there is nothing being trapped below or there is no damage in the door to begin with. You must know that if you try to open a damaged door, other parts of your door can also be damaged which is certainly not good.

2. Release the door by yourself manually. You must open the door by yourself for it to be opened safely. Pull the red emergence code to disconnect the door from the opener and then lift the door slowly to remove ice buildup.

3. Remove the ice buildup. For you to easily remove the ice buildup underneath your garage door, you simply have to throw some salt below the door to melt the ice. After the ice have melted, do not forget to wash away the salt with water to avoid it from causing any damage to your door. Aside from that, you can also use a blow dryer to melt down the frost. Set the blower into its lowest setting and slowly guide it into the ice to melt the frost. See to it that you will not allow too much heat to touch the door to avoid it from melting as well. If you do not have blow dryer, you can also try melting the ice by pouring hot water around it or use a tool to chip away the ice but you have to be very careful in doing this to avoid damage to your door.

Tips for you to do to prevent your door from being frozen

The most important thing that you have to do during winter season is to make sure that your garage door does not freeze. With proper maintenance for winter season and doing a routine task, you can ascertain that your garage door will not freeze during winter season. The tips that can help you prevent from having a frozen garage door are as follows:

  • Remove any piled-up snow around your area.
  • Keep some sands or a cat litter beneath your garage door seal to avoid your door from being frozen shut.
  • Lubricate the moving parts regularly using a lubricant that is specially made for cold weather. These parts are the springs, tracks, hinges and roller.

To ensure that your garage door is safe and will prevent from freezing during winter season, make sure that you have it checked by experts from Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. Doing this will certainly help you not suffer from a frozen garage door.

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