Keep Your Children Safe in the Garage

June 14, 2022

Although the garage is one the most useful areas in the house, it can also pose a danger to children if not properly secured. You could have dangerous items in your garage. This includes chemicals, sharp tools and more. Learn how to make your garage child-proof.

1. Show your children that garage doors are not toys.

Many kids love to use the garage remote to control the door’s movement. The garage door is not meant to be a toy. It is a heavy piece and can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Make sure your children and others know that the garage door isn’t meant to be played around with.

2. Keep dangerous chemicals out of reach.

Some people keep hazardous chemicals, both cleaning-related and automotive-related, in their garage. However, any toxic or must be stored in high-height containers on a top-shelf.

3. Make sure tools are organized and away from reach.

After you have used them, make sure to secure any machinery or equipment. Guns and other weaponry like guns should be kept out of reach. It is obvious that the more difficult it is for your child to find/reach something hazardous, the less likely your child will have an accident.

4. Be careful about how you store items.

Avoid stacking them or placing them in a way that could cause injury to a child. You should store bikes in a safe manner. Do not stack them next to one another in a way that could cause them to tip over and fall in the same direction. You should make sure that ropes are securely tied to any object suspended from the ceiling, such as kayaks.

Finally, ensure that your garage door is functional. Call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to ensure that your garage door is functional. Garage door services include repairs, maintenance, installation, and openers. We are looking forward to hearing from our customers. Stay safe!

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