Museum of Native American History

The Museum of Native American History, also known as MONAH, was founded and funded by David Bogle with a vision of educating the public on the lives of Native Americans. David Bogle is a Native American from Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum first started as the Museum of Native American Artifacts in 2006. In 2008, it reopened in a different location with a bigger space which is currently called the MONAH. It is privately owned and does not receive any grants nor funding from large organizations.

The Museum of Native American History is home to numerous collections that were either borrowed or donated for public display. Part of these collections is the founder’s own private collection. There are over ten thousand artifacts affiliated with the museum. All the artifacts on display is certified authentic by a curator including Tusker, the Mammoth. In fact, three different skeletons were used to complete one whole structure to ensure that all the bones used are real. The MONAH provides access to anyone and everyone who wishes to learn more about the Native American heritage. They can readily provide information on knowledgeable libraries, offices, and centers as well as key family members to contact if you are seeking for specific nations. The museum gift shop sells products on the Native American Heritage. However, the store offers a limited selection of products. Interested customers can purchase more products from their online store. The museum offers a membership program which entitles its members to benefits. Information on their membership program is available on their website.  

A friendly tip for visitors with children under 15: There are many souvenir arrowheads hidden among the rocks near the tipi outside the museum. Kids can keep these for free as a remembrance of their trip to the MONAH. Otherwise, you may purchase them for $0.50 each.

The Museum of Native American History is located at 202 SW O Street, Bentonville, Arkansas. Admission is free of charge for everyone. The museum hours are usually Mondays through Saturdays from 9AM to 5PM. There are free audio self-guided tour wands available in English and Spanish. Group tours are available, and visitors may inquire for more information regarding their group tours.

Due to COVID-19, MONAH is closed to the public until further notice.

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