Mystery Mansion Escape Room

Mystery Mansion Escape Room, Little Rock

South Broadway Street in the downtown Little Rock has its historic importance, but one particular house owner has made the street more famous with something quite new. The Mystery Mansion Escape Room is a fun-filled activity for friends, colleagues, and puzzle lovers of all ages.  The Mystery rooms are a pretty new concept that started in Europe and quickly spread across Asia.  The one at downtown Little Rock Arkansas is one of the few that have been started in the United States.

The Mystery Mansion Escape Room Little Rock Arkansas is located at downtown Little Rock and is owned and managed by the Deanna Fleming.  The mystery room has been here for quite some time and according to the owner, Roosevelt visited the room when he was with friend Joe T. Robinson.

How to Play?

The concept is pretty simple; you have to solve a puzzle and gather different clues to escape from a locked room. It’s a challenging game which requires you to use your mind and intuitive skills. It also requires you to play as a team member and listen to your teammates before making a move.  All you have got is 1 hour to solve the puzzle and get out of the room.  The puzzles in the mystery room mostly revolve around the different board and card games. So if you are good with these games, it’s going to be a fairly easy deal. However, never underestimate the challenges that you are going to face in here because the mind usually works a little slow when you are locked and have a ticking clock behind your back.

Who can play?

Friends, families, teams, leaders, puzzle game lovers, Sherlock fans, and all kinds of gamers who are interested in accepting a challenge.  Moreover, the place has always been a favorite for the tourists who read rave online reviews about the place. Many out-of-town players come to the Little Rock just to be at the Mystery Mansion Escape Room.

For friends and colleagues, the place is a perfect platform to test your team performance in a different environment.  For families, especially the young members of the family, it’s a chance to prove your worth and have a say.  For couples, it’s a place to try new things and find a way out. Hence, it’s a go-to place for all.

Visitor Reviews

You will seldom find 5-star reviews about a place and the Mystery Mansion Escape Room has got it! It has 100% 5-star reviews on sites like Trip Advisor which is a milestone in itself and says a lot about the visitor experience.

Most of the visitors talk about how the experience at Mystery Mansion Escape Room helped them regroup as teams/colleagues and found new ways of better communication, team building, and accomplishing together.

The place is also open for group events such as birthday parties and people love the experience and facilities here. You can gather up to 130 people and arrange a party that involves some puzzle fun.

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