Polystyrene vs Polyurethane Insulations for Garage Doors

May 25, 2021

Polystyrene vs. Polyurethane Insulation: Which is Better?

Having an insulated commercial or residential garage door is crucial in keeping the cold temperature out. There are 2 main kinds of insulations that you can use namely Polystyrene and Polyurethane.


Polystyrene is a type of synthetic aromatic polymer that is made from a monomer styrene – aka Styrofoam. This is the white and brittle material that is usually used for shipments to protect whatever’s inside.

This insulation is pre-formed to steel panels and is commonly glued to the back and front of the panel’s inside. It can maintain its shape so that it would fit better for longer period. Moreover, this material does not deform, degrade, or lose its R-value.

However, polystyrene do not fit well compared to a urethane foam in the panels’ corners. Thus, it leaves some air pockets. Some of the manufacturers do not want their panels to be stiff, hence, they do not glue the polystyrene to the panels. Commonly, this type of foam would result to a lower R-value.


Polyurethane is an organic or polymer composed unit which is joined together by urethane links. These are commonly used in car seating, furniture, and construction but it is also used in other applications.

This type of insulation is sprayed in each panel. This then creates a very tight fit, hence, could add to the panel’s rigidity and offer higher R-value. Moreover, polyurethane is more costly compared to polystyrene, but it does not add much to the door’s price.

If you are planning to go for polyurethane, you need to be sure that your door’s steel skin is not too thin. This is because your door could either be dented easily or there will be small waves across the panels. If this so happens, your door will not look good, aesthetically.

Among the 2 materials, Polyurethane is the best choice. This may cost more but the decision would be up to you. Nonetheless, what matters is that you install insulation to your garage door for your comfort.

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