Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Break Down

December 30, 2020

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A garage door is just like any mechanical structure that can be broken by a lot of things. These things can be external or may be caused by the garage door’s parts and mechanisms itself. When this situation occurs, you should know that it is important that you call the attention of an expert immediately and have them repair your garage door.

But do you know the factors that can cause the damage of your garage door opener? Or do you know what may be the reasons or the causes that can break your garage door? It is important for you to be aware of these things so that you will know what to do when your garage door malfunctions.

Below, we will be discussing to you some of the reasons why your garage door may break down, so, list down and take note of these factors so that you will get to check these parts regularly.

The springs broke

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The springs of your garage opener are the ones that are responsible for lifting the door open and close. However, these springs were not made to work forever, after dozens of opening and closing cycles, these springs will eventually wear out causing it not to function well.

If these springs are broken, your door opener will not do its job well, and you must change these springs immediately. So, be sure to pay attention to this mechanism for this portrays a very big role in your garage door.

Misalignment of the tracks

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Your garage door requires a track for it to move freely up and down just like a train. And just like the springs, these tracks can become damaged through time and when this happens, these tracks can be misaligned because the door is too heavy which will result to damaging your door as well.

Cables or tension springs are broken

You might not know this, but garage doors are very heavy. However, with the help of the tension springs or cables, your garage door moves smoothly and safely upon opening and closing. Without these mechanisms, your garage door will surely slam down and might harm you or your children. So, it is highly recommended that you inspect once in a while the cables of your garage door to ensure that you and your family is safe and to be sure as well that your garage door is working properly.

If you wish to get the assurance that you really do have a safe and functioning garage door, have it check by the experts now. You can call for services from Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and surely, we will be glad to offer you some help.

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