Should You Only Replace One of Your Garage Door Panels?

October 13, 2019

Why Would You Need Help with Your Garage Door?

You could need help with your garage door for a number of reasons. Your door could get jammed up, old looking, or worn out. How do you know if it would be okay to replace just one specific thing on your door or the whole thing?

A common garage door problem is the exterior panels. This part is visible from the outside when your garage door is closed, or when you’re looking above you with the door open.

You can replace only one panel when it gets damaged versus the whole door, but only sometimes. You can also just replace one panel versus the whole door when your garage door starts to age and appear old looking. Often times, though, people mistake the problem being just the panel when the whole door needs to be replaced.

Garage door parts are designed and measured in weight and size to match up with only your specific door. Therefore, problems can arise when you try to only replace one door panel. You are trying to replace one of the most important parts of the door, and you can disrupt the whole value of the door and potentially compromise the structure of the door. It might look like the door was fixed, but when you go to use the door, you will realize that the moving parts are now in jeopardy.

If damage was done to your panel, it might have also damaged the joint and moving parts that connect to the panel. These parts are really important and might include the door struts and the track of your door. Your door might not function correctly and could pose a serious threat to you and your door if these parts become damaged in any way.

If you have a garage door that is more of the shed type, it might work out better for you budget to replace just a panel. If it is connected to your house, or you can see it from the road, you may want to replace the whole door for safety and aesthetic reasons. If your door is older, it is likely that the panel doesn’t match the door due to weathering and other damage that occurs with age.

It is the quickest fix to replace just the panel. Although, quick fixes don’t usually last that long. When you have a professional garage door company that has plenty of training and experience take a look at your door and do a full point safety inspection, you won’t have to stress out as much because you will have peace of mind, knowing that your garage door is surely safe for operation.

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