Styles of Garage Doors

November 8, 2019

The Residential Garage Door Style

When building your house, you put in the work it takes to make it match your preferred style, but do you do the same for your garage door? Garage doors make up the outside of your home as well, so choosing the right style for your home is important. Your garage doors possess the potential of spicing up your curb appeal, and are a good way of displaying your preferred style. There are tons of different garage door styles offered to consumers these days. Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company offers multiple different types of garage doors that are perfectly crafted to complement multiple styles of homes. There are a few garage door styles for residential doors, including the contemporary, traditional raised-panel and carriage house doors.

The Traditional Raised-Panel Garage Door Style

If you are looking for a clean look on the exterior of your home, the traditional raised-panel garage doors are perfect for you. Raised-panel doors are made up of rectangular panels that are raised and aligned symmetrical. Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company can offer these types of garage doors with a variety of different designs and features, such as insulation and wooden options. Traditional style garage doors are available in two materials: natural wood and steel. You have the ability to make your door custom to your liking by choosing from many different styles of panels. There are long and short panel designs, many decorative designs for the windows on your door, and eight different factory-completed colors of paint to pick from. These are also offered in stained wood. There are four different door collections: the premium series of the classic collection, the value plus series of the classic collection, the regular value series of the classic collection, and the classic wood collection. The premium series is constructed with three layers of steel for insulation, which come in either polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Windows are optional with this design, and it comes with a three-panel design. You can choose from all eight factory paint colors. The value series doors are constructed with one layer of steel and no insulation. Windows are optional for this design as well and these doors have a two-panel design. You can only choose from five factory paint colors. The value plus series is constructed with two layers of bonded steel and there are two options available for the thickness of insulation that you desire. Windows are optional for these doors as well, and you can choose from five different factory-finished paint colors. Last but not least, the classic wood collection is all wood, featuring three layers of insulation with multiple wooden panel designs. You have the option to have your windows hand carved, and the door either painted or stained. These doors are offered in three different types of wood: Cedar, Hemlock, and Redwood.

The Contemporary Garage Door Style

If you have chosen the modern style for your home, contemporary garage doors give a clean look that provides functionality for your curb appeal. Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company offers the contemporary style in three different collections: the avante aluminum and glass collection, the modern steel collection, and the custom wood reserve collection. The wood, glass, and metal design for these doors work together to provide that refreshing look for the outside of your home. The avante collection features an aluminum frame that is rust resistant and two and one-eighths of an inch thick. Windows are optional, and if you choose to include them, there are 12 different options varying options. There are 7 different options for your door’s finish and paint color. You can even customize them. The modern steel collection doors are constructed in one, two, and three-layers of steel that can be insulated with either intellicore or polystyrene. Instead of paint, these doors come with flush-colored steel. Windows for natural lighting in your garage are optional. Lastly, the custom wood reserve collection offers handcrafted wooden doors with either four or five layers of polystyrene insulation. The design and types of wood are customizable to no limit. The insulation on these doors is 100% efficient on energy!   

The Carriage-House Garage Door Style

If you love the barn-house look, the carriage-house garage door style is perfect for your home. These garage doors have a unique, homely look that will set your home apart from your neighbors. Carriage style doors are convenient for this modern age, with the overhead-opening. They come in a variety of different finishes and layouts, with many different materials to choose from. You can choose doors from the following collections: the coachman collection, the canyon ridge collection, the canyon ridge ultra-grain collection, the grand harbor collection, the gallery collection, and the reserve semi-custom collection.

Need Help Finding Your Perfect Garage Door Style?

First, you should consider the make-up of a carriage house style garage door and think about what you prefer in a garage door. These doors go way back to the time when carriage houses existed. People these days travel in cars as opposed to the old horse carriages. That being said, carriage garage doors are a unique way to incorporate a little taste of history into your home. Since they were initially made out of wood, a natural looking finish is the most sought-after finish for these doors. The Reserve Collection features natural wood finishes as well as faux wood finished with ultra-grain. If you’re aiming for your garage door to look “country”, you can choose to have a white color and crossbuck panels. There are many different customizable design options for any type of home style, though. As well as the natural wood look, lots of homeowners like how much natural light these doors let into your garage through the windows, which come in many different designs.

Next, you should consider the cost of carriage house garage doors and your budget. The price for these doors varies upon factors such as what materials make-up the door, how much insulation is used for the door, and what the prices run in your area. For example, natural wood will be priced higher than materials such as composite. Although garage doors can need repairs from time to time, most of the time you will only have to buy a new door one time. Therefore, paying more for what you really want one time will be worth it.

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