A tourist visiting little Rock for the first time would most likely be caught unaware with the pleasant surprise that the Arkansas town is filled with.

Little Rock, with its vibrant life, has a rich plethora of historical sites and tourism-worthy areas. The immediate difficulty that a tourist might face would be how to visit all these lovely places as quickly as possible with as little budget as he can manage. The River Rail Electric Streetcar in Little Rock solves this problem in a neat mobile wrap.

The River Rail Streetcar Metro Streetcar as it is now known has been in operation since November 1, 2014, and is being maintained and managed by the Central Arkansas Transit Authority (CAT).

The streetcar, covering a single 2.5 mile, a long line that includes two cities both the North Little Rock and Little Rock. Both of them opposite each other by the Arkansas River. The Metro car serves riders of up to 100,000 annually and covers almost 1,080 miles weekly. It creates a beautiful fun way to travel and see the sights of downtown central Arkansas, Creative corridors, North Little Rock historic Argental District, The Clinton Presidential Centre, the global bon profit Heifer International, The Little Rock River Market and so many other amazing places like hotels, favorite restaurants, brewpubs, and so much more. So many sites to see. One way all the way!

More still, for crazy digital tourist, there’s the added perk of a complimentary Wi-Fi so you can easily stream through your favorite audiobooks, and movies. Post on your social media platform so your friends can see the excellent time you are having.  As you enjoy a view of the Arkansas River and Little Rock skyline in the horizon as the Metro carries you sedately to your destination. Now that is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime before they lay to rest.

All this benefit and yet there’s more as the Metro Street Car is surprisingly pocket-friendly. The streetcar makes traveling through Arkansas quite affordable with a price ranging from 50 cents per adults and 25 cents for children and persons with disabilities and an all-day pass of $2.

The Metro Street Car functions along the North Little Rock downtown and Little Rock area seven days a week excluding holidays like Memorial Day, New Year day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Labor Day. Running on two distinct routes – The Blue Line which goes all the way throughout Little Rock, pass the Arkansas River and down to North Little Rock. The Green Line which cuts across only within Little Rock.

Although the Blue line is functional all week, the Green Line is not Operational on Sundays.

The idea behind the Metro Street Car asides from the enhancing and encouraging economic growth and development as well as tourism was to facilitate the developmental efforts of the two cities it operates within – Little Rock and North Little Rock. Situated opposite sides of the Arkansas River, the two towns are developing into bigger cities with a population of about 183,000 and 60,000 respectively.

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