Things You Should Not Store Inside Your Garage

April 3, 2022

Garages are built specifically for automobiles. The concrete floors, along with the automatic garage door are the ideal place to park a car. Despite this wonderful feature, garages typically end with storing all kinds of stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with having this space to have extra storage. However, there are some items you should not keep in your garage. The majority of garages are exposed to large variations in humidity and temperature which makes them inaccessible to fragile items.

Insulated garage doors can help in keeping the temperature steady, and an air seal on the top of your door keeps pests or water in. But most garages aren’t controlled by climate.

Hazardous materials

Leftover automotive fluids and old pesticides are likely to accumulate in garages. These must be eliminated in a proper manner after they are no longer needed. A lot of chemicals can be harmful. Avoid storing them in the garage, especially if there is a possibility of leaking.

Tanks for propane

Store tanks away from your house on a flat surface that is away from sources of ignition. Storing propane tanks in your garage can be a risk of fire.

Documents that are important

Keep important documents like birth certificates and passports in your home. They are safest if kept in a safe place such as a fireproof storage box. Documents may deteriorate and mold when kept in an environment that is humid.

Clothing from the Heirloom

Delicate garments can endure for decades if stored properly. Keep them in a dry, dark area. A storage container that is acid-free or cedar chest can keep pests and insects out.

Photographs and paintings

Paintings and photographs should be in a dry location and not stored in garages. Extreme changes in temperature can be harmful for both forms of artwork. Photos and paintings can crack, while photos can rot if stored in a poor manner.


Wine does best in dark and humid conditions that have a steady temperature and humid. Even if you’re not an avid oenophile, if you’re a fan of keeping one or two bottles around, you should invest in an oenophile’s refrigerator or wine cabinet.


Moisture and heat can cause food items to turn rancid. Storing food inside the garage is a prime opportunity for insects and rodents to be at your table. If you purchase food in the bulk, place it in an unlit, dry, and cool location within your home.

Whatever you put in the garage, be sure that it’s secured with an effective garage door. A maintained garage door will keep unwanted guests away from your home. Call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company for garage door installation or repair in Central Arkansas.

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