Walmart Museum

The Walmart Museum originated as the Walmart Visitor Center in 1990. The museum houses a collection of memorabilia and materials on the Walton family, Sam Walton and his career developments and the founding of Walmart. Walmart Museum was renovated in 2011 and reopened as a museum complex, comprised of Walton’s 5&10 building and Terry Block building. In the museum, visitors will understand the history of the Walton family, Walmart and how it progressed to be what it is today. Guests can learn about the life of Sam Walton as they virtually explore his old office, check out the famous 1979 Ford pickup and other exhibits. Walton’s 5&10 is the store that started what we all now know and love as Walmart. It still functions as an operational store with the interior maintained in its original design with floor tiles and a tin ceiling. The nostalgic experience does not end there as the store takes you back in time with their heartwarming selection of old-fashioned goodies such as souvenirs, toys and candies. Guests can end their visit to the Walmart Museum at the Spark Café Soda Fountain indulging in soda jerks, ice cream and beverages with a 50’s ambiance.

The Walmart Museum is located at 105 North Main Street, Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum usually operates Mondays thru Thursdays from 8AM to 9PM, Fridays and Saturdays from 8AM to 10PM and Sundays from 12NN to 9PM. Admission is free for everyone. Tours are self-guided, but group guided tours may be booked in advance.

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