Why two garages are better than one

October 30, 2020

Just got one garage? That’s awesome, but it’s much cooler to have two garages. Maybe you don’t even know that you need a second garage, or even want one, but the reality is that your life will change. Here are 5 reasons why you need a second garage. Even your spouse will enjoy it. 

Room for your car and other equipment

If you’re like most families, then you must have at least two cars that you own. But this doesn’t include the bikes, the fitness gear, the lawnmower, and maybe the jet ski, or the quad ATV.  Loading up a garage is simple. In addition, since they do not have any space, many individuals would not even keep their cars in their driveway. With two garages, you will be able to use one garage to hold sports gear and equipment, while the other for your vehicles. Having your car parked in the driveway at all times is a wise decision, considering the crime rate in your locality.

Room for other household stuff

Old baby garments, family heirlooms, personal mementos, Christmas trees, and decorations, etc. Many homeowners use their garages for storage. Not only will you have the capacity for a second garage to hold everything that you need, you even have space to organize it so that you know where to find it. It also takes all the stuff out of the house so that you can function in a more effective and cleaner environment. An additional garage implies additional rooms, not only in the garage but in the house overall. 

Man cave

Do you enjoy repairing your cars, or even tinkering underneath the hood? An additional garage provides you space to stretch out and get messy. You have space for automotive equipment as well. And a second garage is necessary if you want to repair classic and antique vehicles. You have space to tinker and be imaginative.

Recreational space

A second garage allows you additional space for leisure. Without feeling congested, you can park your cars comfortably, have extra capacity, yet still have space for a TV lounge, pub, man cave, or fitness gym. It is a win-win for all. 

Boosts house resale value

The truth is that your house will be worth a great deal of money, apart from the pleasure and additional space you will get out of a second garage. Just building a new garage door has an impressive return on investments of 99 percent, basically dollar for dollar. For a home buyer, a double garage is an enticing option. For any of the purposes we’ve just mentioned, it will significantly increase your home’s resale value.

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