Headquarters House Museum

If you are quite familiar with American History, this article must be appealing to you. The Headquarters House Museum is a marvelous Greek-inspired historical structure built in the year 1850. It is presently located at 118 East Dickson St, in the charming city of Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. The house was owned by the Tebbetts family as their main residence. 

Thoughts like who “was the Tebbetts and how are they significant in this article?” Well, allow me to narrate a few important pieces of the past. Sir Jonas Tebbetts was a native New Hampshire judge and a big and outspoken sympathizer of the Unions. When the Confederate General learned about his support to the enemy, he was arrested and held as a prisoner. After the Confederate General’s death, Judge Tebbetts was released and went back with his family to their home in Fayetteville. They later learned that a reward was offered in exchange for Judge Tebbetts’ head.  The Tebbetts was frightened by their discovery and decided to flee to Missouri, abandoning their beloved home. 

The abandoned house was later occupied by the Union and transform it into a headquarters for their operations in Northwest Arkansas. On April 18, 1863, the Tebbetts’ house became the epicenter of a historic event when the Confederate attacked the Unions. The battle took place right outside the front porch. The house sustained a lot of damages from the battle. The front door was struck by a cannonball drawn by the Confederates. 

When the battle was over and the Union won, the government later on rehabilitated the headquarters. It was done as an effort to preserve the history of Fayetteville so that future generations will have a place to reflect on the city’s past. No part of the headquarters was altered. Every feature of the house was maintained including the front door struck with a cannonball which is still intact until today and is a favorite highlight during guided-tours. The Greek revival architecture of the house can still be appreciated by the fireplace, some bedrooms, front porch, as well as the surrounding shrubs and trees, are also properly taken care of. 

If you are a huge fan of historical places and museums, you should certainly visit this museum. You should set an appointment because they do not entertain spontaneous visits. So whenever you want to take a step back in time and see where most epic fights took place, stop by the Headquarters house museum and have your curiosity satisfied. 

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