Daisy Airgun Museum

The charming city of Rogers, Northwest Arkansas has accommodated Daisy and its antique airguns since the year 1957. The Daisy Airgun Museum is a charitable institution that takes pride in preserving vintage guns and antique artifacts of the past. It tells the chronicle of America’s prominent manufacturer of air guns, including the popular Red Ryder which served as the first gun for most Americans. 

The gallery dwells in block-cleared roads of downtown Rogers in a building that is more than a hundred years old. Upon entering the museum, you will appreciate a maze of vintage air guns, advertising, and other artifacts. The main attractions, namely the air guns are arranged in chronological order highlighting the history of Daisy company. However, the air guns on display are not only those that were manufactured by Daisy but those air guns that were not manufactured by them. The impressive array of guns date back to as the 1580s, pieces of antique guns that predate their manufactured ones by roughly 200 years. 

Before you head out, make certain to pass by the museum gift shop where you can find awesome deals at mementos and souvenirs. You can buy yourself a Red Ryder or maybe fill customized tin cans with BBs. Moreover, each year, a collector’s medallion is designed and handed out to the visitors as a token for visiting the museum. 

So, either you’re an air gun enthusiast, a fan of history, or none of the above, It’s a worthwhile decision to visit the Daisy Airgun Museum if you find yourself at the charming city of Rogers, Northwest Arkansas. The entrance fee is only worth two dollars for a chance to examine the intricate exhibit of air guns for as long as you like. It could be a couple of hours if you like. Also, while you get yourself busy with tinkering at the impressive collection of antique airguns, don’t miss the chance to appreciate the surrounding architecture which dates back to more than a hundred years. Don’t come by yourself, bring the entire family so that all of you can enjoy the atmosphere, and experience the Daisy air gun museum.

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