Cosmic Cavern

The Cosmic Cavern, discovered by John Moore in 1845, is one of the natural attractions located in Berryville, Arkansas. An abundance of rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, and many others can be seen in this mysterious cave. The cave also houses two lakes with pristine waters and unmeasurable depth. Initially, the south lake was artificially supplied with trouts that lived there for almost 50 years, however, they slowly deteriorated, some grew blind and lost their distinct colors then eventually, for some reason, they completely disappeared the bottomless lake. The depth of the lake water is greatly affected by rain and can rapidly reach to dangerous depths during heavy rains. 

A section of the cave, called “Silent Splendor” was among the recent discoveries which returned the Cosmic cavern to spotlight. This was regarded as a must-see in every tour. The area is naturally studded with pristine, untouched rock formations. So pure that most of the rocks even look transparent!

The atmosphere inside the cave is highly humid and has a relatively high temperature, constantly at 64 degrees Fahrenheit, it was hailed as the “warmest cave in the Ozarks”. It doesn’t matter what season you plan to visit because the temperature inside the cavern is constant throughout the year. So when planning to visit the Cosmic cavern, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and bring cameras!


The management offers an approximately one-hour and 15 minutes guided tour which consists of a one-third mile, 90-feet deep walk inside the cavern. The tour is spearheaded by veteran and knowledgable guides who can provide the best experience to you and your friends and family while assuring your safety. The tour is comfortably paced, along a maintained and easy trail. It gives time for you to fully internalize and be mesmerized with the natural beauty of the rock formations. 

The tickets are reasonably priced. Children under 4 years are free of charge. There are discounts offered to guests who come in a crowd of 6 adults. 

Wild Tour

This category is not suited for the weak hearted ones because this part of the tour explores the rarely seen and undeveloped areas of the cavern. Because this tour is categorized as wild, a signed release form is a requirement. Other necessary gears include a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, pants, or non-insulated coveralls, hiking boots or shoes, or tennis shoes, flip flops, sandals, or slip-on shoes for the walk back, an extra change of clothes, a camera, and lastly, a small bottle of water for when you get thirsty from all the adventuring! That’s it and you’re set to go on the wildest cave tour of your life!

For those not adventurous enough for a cave tour, they can stay back and enjoy the Cosmic cavern’s gift shop, get comfortable at the lunch pavilion, stroll in the cavern’s museum, and go gemstone panning for gems such as rubies, emeralds, aventurine, sapphires, quartz, and many more!

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