All about Little Rock, Arkansas: Things to Do and Places to See

Little Rock is the largest city in the State of Arkansas. You will be interested to know that this bustling city has a population of at least 200,000 people. Before we can discuss all the things that one can do and see in this city, probably we should mention a thing or two about the State of Arkansas. This way, you will be in a position to imagine the position and the place this city occupies in comparison to other cities in the County.

A brief intro to Arkansas State

This is a US state located in the Southern Central Region of the country. The State is home to over 3 Million as of the 2018 census. This is a state that has a range of geography that includes highlands and mountainous ranges such as Ozark and Ouachita. There is also the Southern part of the state that has dense forests known as the Arkansas Timberlands. You will also love the scenery in the eastern lowlands of the state. In terms of size, Arkansas is the 29th largest state by area. When it comes to population, this state is the 33rd most populated in the United States, based again on the 2018 census.

The capital city of Arkansas is Little Rock, a city that is bustling and well known for its business, government, culture, and its transportation infrastructure. Perhaps this is the right time to discuss several things about the capital of the county, Arkansas.

Here are things to do and places to see in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Now, there are many things and attractions at Little Rock Arkansas. We shall discuss some of these attractions that one can visit and see and probably have some fun visiting.

Things and places to see in Little Rock, Arkansas

William J. Clinton Library and Museum

You are probably aware that Arkansas produced the 42nd president of the United States, William J Clinton. Well, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center is one of the biggest attractions in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Center includes the Offices of the Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton School of Public Service, which is part of the University of Arkansas. The Library is one of the 11 that are operated by the National Archives and Records Administration and the 13 Presidential Libraries to be completed in The United States. Situated on 17 acres of land and next to Arkansas River, this presidential library should be a marvel that anyone who visits Little Rock should plan to visit. One will learn much more by visiting the library and interacting with staff.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

The first inhabitants around this mountain as “Maumelle”, meaning the boob-shaped hill. It eventually became “Maumelle”, hence the name given to the Big Maumelle and the Little Maumelle Rivers.  The city of Maumelle also derives its name from this mountain. In 1800, climbing the Pinnacle Mountain was a common activity. Lake Maumelle was constructed in the 1950s and major materials for the construction of this lake came from the eastern slope of the mountain. You will be interested to visit the Lake and marvel at its ability to supply water to almost 400, 000 people.

The Maumelle Park is a site with 2, 356 acres of land that is used for several activities. These are outdoor recreation, environmental education, and preservation. If one is a fun of these activities, then this is the right place to visit and see.

Little Rock Zoo

This is another fantastic place people visit and enjoy while they are at Little Rock. This zoo, founded in 1926 has over 200 species. With over 725 animals and covering a 33-acre area, the Little Rick Zoo is one of the most visited places in Arkansas. It is also the largest zoo in the state and the only one that has accreditation from the AZA, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

These are some of the exhibits you can enjoy in this zoo from the themed areas:

  1. Zoo entrance- the entrance of the zoo includes the Animal Show Amphitheater, the Carousel, “over the jumps” and the Lorikeet Landing.
  2. The Great Apes exhibit is yet another attraction. There are ape enclosures, where you can see orangutans, chimps, gorillas, and other primates.
  3. The LAURA P. NICHOLS PENGUIN POINTE has mimics of an African Shoreline and African penguins.
  4. There is the “Primates, Reptiles, Birds, & More” building that was built in 1936. Here, one can enjoy seeing various exotic animals brought from all over the world.

The Big Dam Bridge

The Big Dam Bridge was to be called “The Murry Bridge” when it was built. It spans the Murry Lock and the Arkansas River. The bridge is open to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. This is the longest bridge in North America that is specifically meant for human and bicycle traffic. This bridge rises 30 feet above the dam and 90 feet above the Arkansas River. If you are interested in cycling or even walking for exercise purposes, this should the right place for you to do this as you enjoy the magical scenery.

Things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas

There are many things that one can do for fun and even for their health. Little Rock Arkansas is full of places and activities that one can engage in for the time they are living or visiting this place. Here are some of these things:

Riding the Rail Electric streetcar

This will be a fun activity for you to relish a streetcar that was once the mode of transport in the 19th century. The presence of the River Rail Electric Streetcar is a marvel that all those who visit Little Rock should try. It spans a whole 3.4 Miles and connects North Little Rock with Little Rock on the other side of the river. You will be happy to note this is a common tourist attraction activity and that the streetcars make stopovers at different tourist attraction spots and makes the journey every day. Make a point of trying this old-age travel system.

Exploration of the River Market District

For most people, The River Market District of Little Rock is the lifeblood of this city. As such, most people visit this place for all their supplies, be it be food, clothes, accessories, and any other recreation activities that are available in this bustling city. You can plan to meet up with friends and family at the many eateries in this place. Do you want to shop for food? Well, the Farmers Market is the right place to buy your food supplies. There are many amphitheaters where you can visit for live music and several other forms of performances. For those interested in cuisines from all parts of the world, well, there is a countless number of top range restaurants where you can visit. You may also want to visit Riverfront Park for all the sceneries that can refresh your soul.

Visiting Rock Town Distillery

Just like is the case in other towns and cities across the United States, craft beer is something popular in Little Rock. The interest in craft beer has been on the rise in this city. You may be interested in visiting the Rock Town Distillery for some craft beer. This Distillery runs tours for visitors so they can observe the process of making spirit. You will learn how vodka, bourbon, and gin are manufactured from grain. You will love the guided tasting process at the distillery. You will love the 30-minute tour and if interested buy products at the gift shop. You should always remember to bring your Identity Documents as the drinking age in the United States is 21 years.

Visit Little Rock Central High School

When it comes to the American Civil Rights history, there are no better places to visit than Little Rock, Arkansas. You will learn more about the 9 African American students denied entry at the Little Rock Central High School in 1957. This school is one of the places you can visit to learn more about what transpired during this period. The President of the United States at the time, Eisenhower was forced to intervene to have the 9 students allowed into the school. The city is also known for the history created by both Bill and Hilary Clinton. You will get to learn about the Presidential candidature of both Bill and Hilary and how Bill Clinton announced his candidature in 1991. Tours to the school are organized and therefore one has to book at least 24 hours in advance because the school still operates normally.

In conclusion, it is important to note that Little Rock is a big city and it may not be easy for one to exhaust the much there is to learn and see in this place. Probably it would be better for one to research beforehand so that they know exactly what they can do, where they can visit, and what they can see in this city.

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