Arkansas Air and Military Museum

The Arkansas Air and Military Museum is a collection of artifacts and exhibits that are significant to the world of aviation including military vehicles and aircrafts. The museum is a massive hangar which then served as the headquarters of an aviator training post during the second World War. Unlike other aviation exhibits, majority of the displays in the Arkansas Air and Military Museum still fly. Artifacts on display date as far back as the Golden Age of Aviation. It is home to a Boeing-Sterman N2S-S which is the father of American Pilot training aircrafts. The collection includes Army helicopters like the ones used in the Vietnam war and a Navy carrier fighter. The museum has two restored exhibits of the commercial aviation sector’s Travel Air Company. Additionally, there is also a replica of the Travel Air Company’s most famous product, the Mystery Ship. There is also a Howard on display which is one of five restored racing aircrafts found in the world. Military vehicles are exhibited such as a Rolls-Royce armored-car equipped with grenade launchers and an authentic Jeep used in the Desert Storm. There are also several ambulances that served in different wars like World War Two, the Vietnam war and the Korean war.

The Arkansas Air and Military Museum is located at 4290 South School Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas. The museum is usually open from Mondays thru Saturdays from 11AM to 3PM. Admission is free for members and all children aged 5 and below, $5 for children between ages 6 and 12, $9 for retired and active military and those aged 65 and above and $10 for all other adults. Special group rates are available if you inquire.

Due to COVID-19, the operating hours are from Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 11AM to 3PM (Closed on Mondays for the mean time). Visitors are encouraged to reserve a scheduled time slot on the website prior to visiting. There are monitored tour times available every 20 minutes during opening hours. Walk-ins would be available; however, guests may be requested to wait in their own vehicles until the next available time slot to accommodate them. Additional guidelines regarding registration and safety precautions are found on their website.

Here are directions from Direct Service Overhead Garage Doors NWA.

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