Arkansas Art Center

Arkansas Art Center

While Little Rock, Arkansas may not be the first city you have in mind when talking about art, but the city actually serves as home to some of the best art museums this side of the United States. Arguably the best art gallery in Little Rock is the Arkansas Art Center. This article will show you what this museum is all about, what it has in store for visitors, and why visitors end up loving the place.

The vision for the Arkansas Art Center first started more than a century ago. In 1914, the Fine Arts Group of Arkansas was created. One of their initiatives is to create a museum of fine arts in the state; a dream that was realized by the establishment of the Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock in 1937 and the Arkansas Art Center in 1960. This site houses both a large collection of art and acts as host for special exhibits in the city.

The Arkansas Art Center has an impressive collection of art that is permanently housed within its confines. Mainly focusing on drawings, their collection holds the works of some of the best artists in history. Their permanent gallery holds the works of legends such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Degan, and Signac. It also houses works from contemporary art icons such as William Beckman, Susan Hauptman, and John Connell.

The Arkansas Art Center holds some regular events and exhibits that open annually. One of the more popular annual events that this art center hosts is the Annual Delta Exhibition, which displays the works of some of the best artists from Arkansas as well as from neighboring states. First established in 1958, this event aims to display some of the best works of artist born and/or living in the Mississippi Delta Region. Other significant events being held annually in the center include the Annual Collectors Show and Sale, the Young Arkansas Artists show, and the National Drawing Invitational.

Showcasing more than visual arts, the Arkansas Art Center also serves as the state’s hub for the performing arts. Yearly, many theater acts take the stage within the Art Center’s state-of-the-art confines. Live theater productions are being held regularly here, serving as a breeding ground for local performers and aspiring artists. The Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theater, the only company in the state that produces children’s literary on-stage, calls the Arkansas Art Center home.

The Arkansas Art Center is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Visit here if you want to see some of the best art the state has to offer.

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