How Much Will It Cost You to Have Your Garage Door Springs Repaired or Replaced?

What is the price range when it comes to repairing or replacing your garage door springs?

If you have the average home, it’s likely that the main entrance to your house is through your garage door. When you park in your garage for protection of your vehicle, it’s more convenient to enter your home through the garage. There are many moving parts that make up a garage door, such as the springs, which help move the door up and down. Door springs will lose their function one day and in turn cause problems with the function of your garage door. You will need to have them either repaired or replaced when this happens. Here are some facts to show you what it will cost to have a professional take care of your spring problems.

Cost of Repairing Door Springs

Normally it is more cost effective to repair your garage door rather than put a whole new one in. The main types of garage door repairs are fixing the springs. On average it costs around $181 to have your broken springs repaired, but it can vary from $101 to $351, depending on whether or not the garage door professional has to take the brackets apart in order to get to the springs. When repairing garage doors, the springs should be lubricated or balanced, and the safety cables should be installed so that the extension springs system has a backup. A lot of the time, lubricating door springs can be done without the help of a professional and you would only have to pay for the lubricant which is around $7 to $8. Although, lubrication is usually included in the price package when you hire a professional to maintain your garage door. Your garage door will need the springs refitted in order to balance it out, which takes about 46 to 91 minutes to finish, and will cost around $76 to $111. It will cost around $151 and $201 to have your safety cables installed.

The Cost of Replacing Garage Door Springs

In some cases, it is just impossible to have your garage door springs repaired, and you will have to have them completely replaced. It will cost around $201 and $301 to have a professional replace your garage door springs. The price of the spring itself, which is around $41 to $101 for torsion springs and $6 to $31 for extensions springs, is included in that charge. The cost of the labor alone is around $46 to $66, it will vary between the two depending on company and location. Another determining factor of cost for this type of job is the type of door your have. If you have a tilt-up garage door, it will cost anywhere from $151 to $201 to replace the door springs, and anywhere from $201 to $251 to replace them on a roll-up garage door.

Possible Problems with Garage Door Springs

As most mechanical parts do, garage door springs tend to break down over time, from expected wear weakening them until they finally give out. Normally, garage door springs are expected to be able to close and open up to 11,000 times. This lifespan should measure up to about six to eight years, although, there might be problems that arise in that time, prior to the springs breaking. As well as the usual wear on springs, there are other contributing factors when it comes to damage of door springs. They include formations of rust on your springs, damage to the springs if your garage door was installed incorrectly, and irregular maintenance.

The Basics of Garage Doors and Torsion Springs

The main part of a garage door is the springs, which stop working more often than any other part of a garage door. This is why the springs should be the first thing you have checked when your door stops working. If the springs on your garage door are broken, you will not be able to open or close the door. Springs open and close the door with either of these methods – torsion or extension. Extension springs, which lie over the door’s horizontal track, are the first pick for the majority of home owners because they are the most affordable. Although they are cheaper than tension springs, they are also a more exposed part, which makes them more easily breakable than tension springs. This being, you need safety cables along with your extensions springs so that they do not break. Tension springs go on the wall over the garage door and the spring coils twist around the rod of the door while moving. Torsion springs can hold many more pounds than the extension springs, and since they have less exposed parts, they are longer-lasting.

Should You Hire a Garage Door Professional or Do the Job Yourself?

Even though there are many tutorials showing you how to work on garage door springs yourself, it is still a very dangerous thing to repair or replace them yourself, so you should definitely always hire a garage door professional. Garage door springs are holding a ton of tension from the great amount of pressure they are under, so if you were to make just one little mistake, it could cause a significant amount of damage to you and your surroundings. A professional has the proper training and equipment to get the job done safely and properly. Many local stores do not sell the correct garage door parts to anyone but professionals, so that could prove fixing the springs yourself very difficult, before you even begin. If you are to decide to attempt to repair your garage door springs yourself, be sure to study up on the process and acquire the proper tools for optimum safety.

Easy Fixes You Can Safely Do Yourself

You should really leave any repairs that involve adjustments of the tension on your garage door springs to the professionals, but if you insist that you do all of the repairs that you can yourself, there are a few that would be acceptable with the proper self-training. One of these repairs is tightening the bolts and nuts that are holding the door and door track in place. You will also be able to inspect your door and all of the parts for any signs of erosion. It would also be good to apply lubrication to the door’s moving parts like the bearings, pulleys, and springs. This protects the moving parts from debris and will quiet the noises the door could possibly make when opening and closing. You can also install an automatic garage door opener yourself if needed.

Where You Can Purchase Springs and Spring Parts for Your Garage Door

You can acquire garage door springs and parts for them at many different retail locations. Your local hardware store should usually have a variety of the things you will need, such as extension springs, safety cables, lubricant, torsion conversion kits, and ball bearings. If you can’t find what you need at your local hardware store, you can check a garage door supply company or look online for larger retailers. A lot of the time they will carry a larger variety of garage door parts. They usually carry everything you will need, from lubricant to torsion springs conversion kits and tools for working on your garage door. They sometimes give out information to people that can help you locate the parts you need if they don’t carry them and should offer guidance to help you find what you are looking for in their store if they do carry what you need.

Hire A Professional Garage Door Company

A broken garage door could keep you out in the rain, don’t let that happen! Keep your home and family safe by calling a professional to come out and take care of any problems that might arise with your garage door. Garage door contractors have the needed training, tools, equipment, and experience that it takes to safely and efficiently take care of the job at hand. It may seem more cost effective to do it yourself, but it is an entirely better option to hand it to a professional.

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