Club 27

Thinking of taking a trip to Little Rock in Arkansas and you are wondering what the nightlife is like,? Well, get ready to be surprised.

Apart from its name, there isn’t anything little about Little Rock as it boasts some captivating attractions. But let’s talk about its nightlife or better still, where would the party be this weekend.

Club 27 is one of Little Rock’s well-known dance hall/event venue located in the River Market District in Little Rock. The structure spans over 3300 sqft and with the capacity to occupy more than 235 individuals, and a  unique style graced with accent lighting, chandelier, gorgeous front, and entrance. The Club also boasts a 1000 sqft professional hardwood dancing floor and a bar, so it’s best you put on your dancing shoes because we are about to party!

Even if you can dance no better than a drowned fish, guess what, Club 27 has got you covered as there are dance classes offered for those who don’t know how to dance and not just any type of dancing but salsa, tango, and milongas. The new home for the salsa community in Little Rock, the Club begins each weekly salsa evenings with an introductory lesson at 9 p.m every Tuesday and Friday, where you can be taught to dance to salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia and more until 2 a.m.

Not only does Club 27 serve as a dance hall, also because of its unique siting,which is within a walk distance to the best hotels and restaurants in Little Rock, it also serves as an ideal venue for any event you would be interested in hosting, talk about birthdays, wedding reception, anniversaries, dinner parties, Christmas, or any other private event for that matter.

So the next time you are in Little Rock, drop in at Club 27, and for no more than $10, you would most likely get the best experience ever.

And remember to go with your dancing shoes.

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