Arkansas Governor’s Mansion

Arkansas Governor’s Mansion

Arkansas Governor’s Mansion is the official residence of the Governor of Arkansas and his family. It is a beautiful historic building spread over 8 acres of land in the Quapaw District of the Little Rock. The construction of the building started in 1947 and was completed in January 150. So far, 11 Governors of the Arkansas state along with their families and pets have made the Governor’s mansion their home. The ex-President of USA Bill Clinton and his Wife Hillary Clinton also lived here while Bill served as the Governor of Arkansas. Unlike many other states, the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion is the actual residence of the state governor.  What’s more? The mansion is open for tourists and no fee is taken for the tour.

A Short History of Arkansas Governor’s Mansion

The state of Arkansas didn’t have an official residence for its chief executive up until 1950. The civil war and the weak economic affairs of the state after that didn’t allow the legislative bodies to think about allocating funds for a governor’s mansion.  In 1944, as the state revived its economy, the Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs began a campaign to build the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion.  After three years of struggle, the federation was successful in securing funds and real estate for the mansion.

Mansion’s Design and Features

The Arkansas Governor’s Mansion is a three-story building designed in Georgian colonial style. The main building is connected through colonnaded pavements two buildings; a guesthouse on the west, while an office on the east side of the building.  Multiple people were involved in the design and construction of the building. Mr. Frank J. Ginocchio Jr. and Edwin B. Cornwell were the architects, while William R. Heerwagen was the interior designer.  Multiple design changes have occurred in the past 60 years resulting in the addition of new gardens, security fencing, and many additions to the interior.

The four rooms that are considered public rooms and are accessible by tourists are the state dining room, the formal living room, the foyer, and the library which is also known as the eastern conference room.


The Governor’s mansion is located in the old town Little Rock, and the neighborhood is filled with historic buildings. You will also find shops, ice-cream parlors, and restaurants at multiple places. Overall, it’s a relatively calm neighborhood with a nice historic outlook.

For people visiting the great city of Little Rock, the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion is a must stop.  If you interested in a tour, be informed that the tours are set up in advance; one day at least. The tour involves a visit of all the public rooms, artworks, symbols and statues, gardens and exterior gardens. The fine furnishing of Governor’s mansion, along with its rich cultural history will surely be an enriching experience for you. If you are new to the city of the Little Rock, we suggest you take a guided tour of the mansion so that you could learn about the rich history of the building as well as the city.


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