UALR Planetarium

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Planetarium

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Planetarium has been one of the most favorite destinations for local residents as well as tourists. For many years, the UALR Planetarium has been a focal point of interest and a very popular hangout for kids, aspiring space scientists, and the fans of the cosmos. The place was equally popular among young and old, who flocked in a large number to attend the shows and educational programs. Unfortunately, the planetarium had to close down for maintenance and renovation. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is making efforts to secure funds so that the planetarium may be reactivated.

For decades, the UALR planetarium has offered a realistic space exploration to visitors like no other. The visitors could sit back and relax while the universe and its secrets were unfolded in the most realistic way possible. Through various programs, presentations, and educational shows, the UALR planetarium aroused the hidden astronomer in every visitor.

Academic Significance of UALR Planetarium

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock planetarium was managed by the faculty of Physics and Astronomy, which is one of the leading departments in scientific research and innovation. Even after the funding was closed for the planetarium, the department chose to use it for educational purposes.  Despite failing components and lack of resources, the department made sure that the UALR planetarium catered to the class and lab work requirements of multiple interest groups and research fellows.

The department did a great job of keeping the community engaged while working on their academic projects. The programs organized over the years included observing the transit of planets, organizing special days such as Astronomy day, and Annual Solar day, seminars, think fests, moon observation nights, and much more.

After struggling to run the planetarium very successfully, the department had to close down eventually as the resources depleted over time. Moreover, the two astronomers available at the department couldn’t spare enough time to run the UALR planetarium anymore.

Why the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Planetarium Closed Down?

The planetarium page on the UALR site reads that the UALR planetarium is not operational at the moment. The reason is the lack of financial and personnel resources to run and maintain the facility. However, answering to one of the queries by a local citizen from the Little Rock, the university administration said that the university had secured voluntary services from some resources to run some maintenance work and they may restart the planetarium as soon as some funds are received. So far, according to the university site, the repair work is still on and it is not clear when can the planetarium will be operational again.

Let’s just hope that the UALR Planetarium is back to business again very soon and we get to have a virtual experience of the cosmos one more time. ¬†If you traveling around the Little Rock, the University of Arkansas at the Little Rock Planetarium is a must-visit place.

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