The Little Rock Nine Monument

The Little Rock Nine Monument, Arkansas -History, and Importance

The Little Rock Nine Monument, Arkansas has landmark importance in the American civil rights history. It’s the story of nine teenage girls who changed the course of history. About 60 years ago from today, 9 teenage girls entered the Little Rock Central High School and gave a fatal blow to racial segregation in schools forever.  The fabulous monument at the grounds of Arkansas State Capital in Little Rock is a memoir of these 9 brave girls who are now immortalized in the American history of equal human rights.

Short History of the Little Rock Nine:

Until the Supreme Court’s ruling in 1954, schools in the USA were racially segregated. Even after the Court’s ruling, all-white schools didn’t allow black students to enroll and attend the schools. For example, in Arkansas, which was thought to be one of the moderate states at that time, the segregation continued three years after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The course of history was about to change when the Little Rock, Arkansas chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) decided to fight in local court about the continuation of racial segregation in Arkansas schools. The ruling came in favor of NAACP, and the organization started efforts to induct bright minds from the African American community in the schools. The school boards couldn’t turn down the court’s ruling.  On September 25, 1957, nine girls, Gloria Ray, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Carlotta Walls, Melba Pattillo, Terrence Roberts, Jefferson Thomas, Thelma Mothershed, and Minnijean Brown entered the Little Rock Central High School, and this is how the ‘Little Rock Nine’ Starts.

Impact of the Little Rock Nine:

It was not a walk in the park for the nine girls to just go and attend the school. They were prevented from entering the school by the then Governor of the Arkansas State Orval Faubus. However, after the quick intervention from the President, the governor and the school administration succumbed to allowing the students to attend the school.  The girls managed to pass the school year amid multiple accounts of mishaps regarding the issue.

The unflinching courage and will shown by the nine teenage girls is a bright chapter in the annals of the American civil rights history. These girls are some of the shining stars in the long list of heroes who fought for the promotion of equality and just society in America. The monument is a life-sized statues of the nine girls designed by John Deering, a Little Rock Designer and Sculptor.

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