Arkansas & Missouri Railroad

The Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (A&M) was founded in the year 1986. It is a Class III Railroad which operates a 150-mile route that runs from Monett, Missouri to Fort Smith, Arkansas. The headquarters of A&M’s corporate is at Springdale, Arkansas. Major operations are located there as well as Fort Smith.

What to Know

Arkansas and Missouri Railroad’s exclusive passenger train service offers “A Window Seat to History’ — the chance for you to experience travel that is in fashion of the past. It is possible to still experience the tranquility and elegance of train travel in the valleys and mountains that make up Northwest Arkansas.

The A&M Railroad is one of United State’s only commercial lines that operates passenger and freight services. The majority of their passengers travel on the regular railroads in restored coach cars, either passenger coaches or even parlor.

Enjoy scenic tours through the foothills of Ozark Boston Mountains. The tour departs from Springdale, Van Buren and Fort Smith throughout the year.


The A&M was established on September 1, 1986. A&M was established through an investor’s group committed to building and maintaining a top-quality business that was profitable. The simple, yet powerful vision drives the business practices of A&M today. The company was snubbed by the Burlington Northern Railroad, the A&M has since made investments of tens of billions of dollars to enhance service to customers, increase safety for the public as well as its employees as well as spur economic growth along the 150-mile Monett, MO to Fort Smith, AR corridor.

Many rail historians have recognized the A&M’s tracks as a part of the older St. Louis San Francisco (Frisco) Railway system constructed around 1880. A few remnants remain from the Frisco particularly its Fayetteville, Van Buren, and Fort Smith (AR) passenger depots. In addition, at several locations the truly knowledgeable rail researcher is able to discern the remains of branches or railroads that intersect which have long since been abandoned like Cassville and Exeter (MO) Railroad as well as Frisco’s Fayetteville to St. Paul (AR) branch.

Freight Services

Their freight services extend amongst Springdale and Fort Smith/Van Buren and also interchange with three railroads in class I. A&M Railroad presents a broad selection of transloading services as well as logistics.


Ride with the A&M Railroad and take a seat at the wheel of the history of the railroad! The train travels through beautiful hills in Northwest Arkansas and it has something to keep everyone entertained.


Booking a flight through A&M is a breeze. They offer multiple trips all every day of the year and offer diverse opportunities. Pick to sit in a club, coach, caboose or you can also ride with them in first class!

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