Exploring the Fayetteville Historic Square

The Fayetteville Historic Square (aka The Square or Fayetteville Square), in Fayetteville, AR, consist of the old Bank of Fayetteville Building, the historic Fayetteville post office, as well as the Lewis Brothers Building, the Guisinger Building, and the Mrs. Young Building. These buildings are recorded on the National Register of Historic Places. It also includes a number of older buildings that are located within the Square.

This historic area is identified through Center Street, Mountain Street, Block Avenue, and East Avenue. The block that is part of these streets is home to an Old Post Office, and in the past, it was the County Courthouse.

Old Bank of Fayetteville Building

The Old Bank of Fayetteville Building often referred to as the Eason Building is the anchor of the northwestern corner of the Historic Square. It was built in Romanesque revival styles. The building housed both the First National Bank and Bank of Fayetteville when they merged in 1915. The current Bank of Fayetteville, situated across the Lewis Brothers Building street, was created in the year 1980 and is not associated with the 1915 merger of the Bank of Fayetteville.

Old Post Office

The Old Post Office, built in 1911, is the main attraction of Historic Square. The land was its Washington County Courthouse til 1905 and a new building was built just one and a half blocks away. The structure has been renovated and is a restaurant.

Guisinger Building

Guisinger Building is situated in the southwest corner of Fayetteville Historical Square. It was built in 1886. The building is constructed of brick walls as well as the stone base and ceilings of pressed tin. It was the building designed through the efforts of a Fayetteville native, William Crenshaw, working in a hardware business. It is now home to a law office and a law firm; the building has been revamped.

Lewis Brothers Building

This buildings is sited directly to the south to Old Bank of Fayetteville Building that was built in 1908. It was constructed with style of the Queen Anne & Classic revival styles. The building was home to Lewis Brothers Hardware Store from 1912. The hardware store is closed today, and the building houses the main branch of the contemporary Bank of Fayetteville today (founded in the year 1980 and not affiliated with the former Bank of Fayetteville). The exterior brick is featured on the TV show Evening Shade.

Taking a Tour at the Washington County Historical Society

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