Arvest Ballpark

Arvest Ballpark

Northwest Arkansas is undoubtedly every ball lover’s dream place to visit. Apart from it being the home to the marvelous Baum-Walker Stadium in Fayetteville, it likewise cradles to another astounding playing field, the Arvest Ballpark.

The Arvest Ballpark, situated in Springdale, the fourth largest city in Arkansas, is the home field for a minor league baseball team, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. Speaking of the word “natural”, the ballpark’s location is downright mind-blowing and strategic. It is nestled in a spot surrounded by very green bovine pasture and rising from it is an astonishing modern ballpark. The builders probably visualized integrating nature and recreation while building this ballpark, aiming to provide the players and spectators an atmosphere of calm while enjoying a competitive sport. The exterior structure of this ballpark is also no less than natural. With the perfect blend of the natural colors and the use of natural rocks as a building material, it looks remarkably refreshing.

It is a nice spot to hit when you’re with family and friends, even with little kids. The ticket pricing is surprisingly reasonable for a ballpark with new facilities. Usually, new facilities mean higher-priced tickets for seats which is not the case for this ballpark. Since children generally are too young to enjoy ball games, the area is equipped with a playground for children and those feeling young-at-hearts to experience their share of fun.

Of course, any ballgame experience is not complete without snacks and refreshments! The ballpark serves an assortment of your favorite snacks such as hotdogs, bratwursts, barbecue pork sandwiches, nachos, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, chips, peanuts, cotton candies – a classic kids’ favorite, and the Arvest Ballpark specialty — the funnel dog, which is basically a hot dog wrapped in funnel cake batter and fried with powdered sugar sprinkled on it, is a must-try for everyone. They also sell around 60 different varieties of refreshments on their Bullpen, mostly products from Miller, Coors, Budweiser, Corona, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Wines and margaritas are also sold. Every Thursday is a “Thirsty Thursday”. They put a 16-ounce Miller lite on-sale for $2. It isn’t just about cheap beers, non-beer drinkers also can enjoy soda for 1$, peanuts, and fried cheese sticks. Firework shows are also in place during Fridays after every Friday night game. There is also a souvenir shop selling merchandise such as caps, jerseys, and shirts from the Naturals team for reasonable prices.

You can’t go wrong with visiting this ballpark when you get off work because there are a ton of fun things you can do. It is a really good way to spend your time with your family, friends, and kids especially those who love a big hairy mascot!

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