World Peace Fountain – Sphere of Hope

World Peace Fountain - Sphere of Hope

Another spot to stop by when you’re in Fayetteville is this World Peace Fountain. This magnificent sculpture is not only a piece of metal, it essentially signifies hope, not only in the town people but to the world, as a whole.

This 10-foot diameter fountain sphere is made up of bronze metal. It ascends from a sturdy bearing which allows the sculpture to be spun around like a prayer wheel. Up close, the phrase “May Peace Prevail on Earth” translated in roughly 100 different languages covers the surface of the sphere. The concept of the sculpture was conceived by the artist and shared by the community. One of the artist’s motivation for creating this art is to awaken the local community’s desire for public art.

At present, this marvelous gem is sitting right in front of Fayetteville Town Center, only a few steps from the entrance. It is a quiet spot with a beautiful garden surrounding it. The calming sound of the water flowing in the fountain along with the serenity radiating from the place makes it a very ideal for relaxing and contemplating. Apart from it being a beautiful piece of art to look at, it also reminds us to continuously work towards attaining peace. So whenever you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, head out to this spot to be renewed and rejuvenated. 

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