Big Rock Fun Park: Little Rock’s Theme Park

Big Rock Fun Park: Little Rock’s Theme Park

In this day and age, it can be quite fascinating to see an amusement park. Some would think that these places don’t exist anymore, a relic from the time when people like to frolic outdoors. However, there are still parks like these that exist in different parts of the globe. When you’re in Little Rock, the place to be for you and your family and friends is Big Rock Theme Park. A park that has a little bit of something for everyone, this place is made for everyone to enjoy. After a long week of repairing garages in Little Rock, I like to take the family here for some fun.

Since it opened its doors, Big Rock Fun Park has provided loads of fun for both Little Rock residents and visitors alike. There are multiple attractions to be found inside this theme park. Here are just some of the best ones according to those who visited.

  1. Mini-Golf- This is one of the unique attractions at Big Rock. Whether you are competitive golfers or you just want some friendly competition, there are 2 18-hole mini-courses in this park, with both courses providing its unique set of challenges. People of all ages can play in it, and it’s even accessible for those using wheelchairs!
  2. Aerial Adventure- For those who want to try doing their own mid-air stunts, the Aerial Adventure maze is made exactly for you. To complete this maze, you will have to cross rope bridges, swing in between obstacles, and traverse zip lines. It will be one heck of an experience to try and complete this challenging obstacle course!
  3. Arcade Games- For those who want to have some old-school fun, the arcade games section can provide lots of it. From classic favorites such as skee-ball and basketball games to modern arcade favorites such as Rock Band and Dance Revolution, players of all ages can have a blast in Big Rock’s wide selection of arcade games.
  4. Laser Frenzy Maze- The Laser Frenzy Maze is one of Big Rock Fun Park’s signature attractions. A test of speed, flexibility, and smarts, you have to complete a maze that will make you move around, over, and through an array of laser beams. Can you complete the maze at the fastest possible time? Go for the high score and compete with your friends!
  5. Go Karts- Big Rock Fun Park is the place to be if you want to try out the white-knuckle thrills of go-kart racing. Considered as the first step towards learning motorsport, these compact yet quick machines will get your adrenaline kicking to the max. Practice your driving skills and/or race with other racers at Big Rock’s dedicated track!

Big Rock Theme Park is the place to be if you want to have a fun-filled day. The park is open daily, provided that the weather cooperates. You can book a visit in advance, or you can walk in when your schedule allows. Just remember that this place is best enjoyed when you visit it with friends and family! From time to time, special events happen and discounts are given, so make sure to check them out before visiting!

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