Arkansas Skatium: Have Fun with Skates!

Arkansas Skatium: Have Fun with Skates!

Skating, whether you do it using roller skates or ice skates, can provide loads of fun for the whole family. However, it has to be done at a regulated site to ensure the safety of everyone. For Little Rock citizens who want to try the full skating lifestyle, the Arkansas Skatium is the place to be. The first and only dedicated site for roller and ice skating in Little Rock, the Skatium is one of the few of its kind in the country.

The main attraction of the Arkansas Skatium is the ice and roller rinks. Inside the rinks, you can enjoy skating with your friends in full freedom and maximum safety! The capacity of both the ice rink and the roller rink is at par to industry standards, providing skaters with all kinds of space to practice their moves. You can bring your own skates or you can rent skates at the facility itself.

Aside from rink rentals, the Arkansas Skatium can be used for playing different sports. The Skatium can be rented for ice hockey and figure skating. There is also the Old School Roller Jam, a fun event that is played during Sunday nights. There are also some special ice skating and roller skating events that take place in the Skatium from time to time, so make sure to watch out for them. When you suddenly feel the need for food and refreshments, the snack bar is loaded with goodies for everyone.

Admission rates are made affordable for the entire family to enjoy. Current entrance rates are at $10 each person, $13 with skate rentals, and $20 with skate rentals and snacks. Special rates apply during special events. They also have “season passes”, wherein you get unlimited passes during public skating sessions for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Arkansas Skatium also offers discounted rates during specific dates and when you bring along a group of people.

Since opening its doors years ago, the Arkansas Skatium has stayed committed to providing the best skating experience for citizens of Little Rock and anyone who is passionate about skating. Aside from providing skating services, the facility is also open for reservations for parties, team building sessions, and other events. Make sure to contact them in advance if you have such plans. The Arkansas Skatium is located at 1311 Bowman Road, Little Rock, AR.

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