Chenal 9 IMAX Theater

Chenal 9 IMAX Theater

If you are around Little Rock, Arkansas, one of the must-go places in the downtown Little Rock is the Chenal 9 IMAX Theater. Located at 17825 Chenal Parkway, Little Rock, Arkansas, the theatre is one of more than 600 branches of IMAX theaters in the US that have revolutionized the theater experience in the states and abroad.  Apart from being the biggest theater chain, the IMAX always strives to remain on top of the game by incorporating the latest technology and state of the art cinema design.

About AMC IMAX Theaters

The America Multi-Cinema (AMC) is the largest theater chain of the US and has several hundred branches across Europe that provide thousands of high-quality screens to theater fans across America and Europe.  Started as a family business by Dubinsky brothers almost a hundred years ago, the company made slow and steady progress until Stanley took the charge and revolutionized the business altogether. The company was incorporated in 1961 and since shown rapid expansion to become the largest theater chain of the US.

User Reviews on Chenal 9 IMAX Theater

It’s a fact that not all the branches of a brand are the same in every way. The experience is different in every branch due to many reasons and it is good to consider real user reviews to get an idea about what the experience at that branch is actually like. The Chenal 9 IMAX Theater reviews on different online platforms such as Trip Advisor generally speak well of the place. Here is a breakdown of the Chenal 9 IMAX Theater’s features according to user reviews.

Screen and Sound

The screen and sound are impressive as per the user reviews.  All IMAX theaters have one thing in common; they have high-quality sound and they have high-resolution, wide screens. They never compromise on the quality of screen and sound, and most of the user reviews available online seem to agree with this.


The staff at the theater is very supportive, trained, and well-mannered. However, staff management needs to look at ways to better manage the crowd. For example, there were multiple reviews about people waiting in lines for a long time until they get there turn only to know that there were no seats. The managers could easily change this by letting people know about the number of available seats beforehand.


The hall, the hallway, and the washrooms are generally kept clean; thanks to the staff of the theatre. Apart from one of two complaints, the reviews were generally good about the level of tidiness maintained in the theatre.

The popcorn

There are a few mixed reviews about the theater shop that sells popcorn and drinks. There were multiple reviews about the pop corns being not available at times.


The user reviews suggest that IMAX needs to look into the seating facilities in its Chenal 9 IMAX Theater. The visitors complained about the seats not being wide enough; especially for healthy and big people.

Overall, the user experience at the Chenal 9 IMAX Theater seems a nice place, and if you are a person who likes theater experiences, you must visit the place if you are around downtown Little Rock.


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