Dickey-Stephens Park

The Dickey-Stephens Park:

The Dickey-Stephens Park is a ballpark in the North Little Rock, Arkansas. It is located on 400 West Broadway Street along the Arkansas River. It is normally used to host baseball matches.

The Dickey-Stephens park was opened in 2007. It replaced the Arkansas’ previous ballpark, “Ray Winder Field” from the Little Rock, Arkansas. The construction cost was nearly $40 million, 83% of which was paid by the people of North Little Rock.

The Dickey-Stephens park was named after four brothers including the baseball players, “Ball Dickey”, “George Dicky”, and the businessmen, “Jackson T. Stephens” and “W.R. Stephens”. It is owned by the City of North Little Rock.

The Dickey-Stephens has the capacity to accommodate 7,200 spectators. It possesses 5,800 fixed seats but almost 1,500 people can fit on the berms making the capacity even greater.

There is much more about the Dickey-Stephens Park. It hosted the match where Mike Coolbaugh was killed during a basketball game. He was the batting coach of a minor league basketball team, “Tulsa Drillers”. The ballpark is used by the Texas League’s (a Double-A league) team the Arkansas Travelers as their home ground.

The Dickey Stephens Park has been successful from the day when it was constructed and was first opened for it’s specific purpose. A great baseball atmosphere makes the Dicky-Stephens Park an acceptable replacement for the old ball park.

The Dickey Stephens Park is known as a suitable place for a basketball match for some reasons. What though? Let me explain, It has enough capacity for spectators. It possess a beautiful view of the Little Rock Skyline from the right field fence.

The Dickey Stephens Park is constructed in a way that it resembles a train station. There are three big entrances making it look more like a train station. The park is constructed of red bricks that add to the beauty of the ballpark.

The Dickey Stephens Park features a smoking section down the right field line. Smoking is allowed in that particular patch of the landmark. So, the fans smoke their cigarettes and drink their beers there while enjoying the game. This is maybe one of the other reasons why people enjoy a basketball game in this ballpark.

The management team of the Dickey Stephens Park has brought some of the seats from the old ballpark, “Ray Winder Field” and has installed them in the Dickey Stephens Park which reminds the fans of the old ballpark. By the way, everyone knows that it has been successfully replaced by this new ballpark.

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