The Verizon Arena

The Verizon Arena:

The Verizon Arena is a multipurpose arena located in the most populated city of Arkansas, Little Rock. It is situated across the Arkansas river from downtown Little Rock. It has the capacity to accommodate 18,000 spectators at a time.

The Verizon Arena was opened in 1999 and it has been the best entertainment venue of the Arkansas’ capital city, Little rock ever since. The arena is owned by the Multi-Purpose Civic Center Facilities Board for Pulaski Country.

The 377,000 square-feet arena was built for different specific purposes with an approximate cost of $80 million. There was no public indebtedness. It was known as Alltel Arena before 2009 but then after that the name was changed to Verizon Arena.

The Verizon Arena is known for it’s high accommodation capacity. It has been used for different sports’ matches. It has hosted a number of games of indoor football, basketball, hockey and professional wrestling.

The Little Rock Trojans(an athlete team which represents the university of Arkansas at Little Rock) has been playing at the Verizon Arena for 16 long years. They started playing their games there in 1990 and then they knocked off in 2005.

Besides this, the Arkansas River Blades (a non-extant ice hockey team), the Arkansas Rim Rockers (a non-extant middle-class league basketball team) and the Arkansas Diamonds (a non-extant indoor football team) have also played their games in the Verizon Arena.

The Verizon Arena hosted the 2004, 2007 and 2009 “American Idols LIVE! Tour” concerts. The concerts were dated 13th of August 2004, 13th of July, 2007 and 25th of July 2009 respectively.

The Verizon Arena hosted the former American President, “Bill Clinton” and the First Lady, “Hillary Clinton” as chief guests on 4th of May 2013 when they attended the British-American rock band, “Fleetwood Mac” performed in the facility.

The Verizon Arena is also used for different other purposes. It is used to host events like concerts, trade shows and rodeos.The arena is a very good place for meetings, conventions and exhibitions. It is also used for banquets, with its excellent chef and experiences catering service it offers in-house catering at it’s best.

The Verizon Arena is a suitable place to host any of the events mentioned above. The facility offers advantages like huge number of seats, experienced staff and of course it’s beauty.

Verizon Arena has sold its naming rights to Simmons bank. Simmons bank has bought it for $10.5 million and it is a 15 years deal which will get started in 2019.

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