The Junction Bridge

The Junction Bridge

The Junction bridge is a bridge/link over the Arkansas River which links both the sides of the river. It is a walkway which connects the Little Rock and the North Little Rock cities of the Arkansas, USA.

The Junction Bridge was constructed long way back in 1884 by the Choctaw and Memphis Railroad. It was first used as a railway track across the Arkansas River and was operated by the Union Pacific Railroad. After nearly a hundred years of its construction, in 1984 the bridge was stopped being used as the railway track.

The cities of Little Rock, North Little Rock, and the Pulaski country appealed the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to transform the bridge from railroad to pedestrian walkway in 200into1.

The conversion project of the Junction Bridge was approved in 2002 and then the bridge was improved and a bit re-constructed for public use. The junction railroad bridge was then converted in to a pedestrian and bicycle pass way in 2008. It was opened on 17th of May, 2008 for the public. The Pulaski Country has been managing the bridge’s affairs afterward.

A memorable ceremony called, “Tying Our Cities(Little Rock and North Little Rock) Together” was held on the day of opening the Junction Bridge by the local school groups. They brought two ribbons, each of length 900-foot from each end of the bridge to show that the cities are tied together and the love between the people of the cities.

The transformation project of the junction railroad bridge to the junction pedestrian bridge was awarded the 08 best Transportation Project and the 08 Merit for Public Design. So, it’s already good but this is not it. Read on to learn more.

The Junction Bridge now serves as Arkansas’ one of the best landmarks. This place is exactly where the tourists love to stop and relax. It becomes the destination for many tourists every year. The bridge crosses the beautiful Arkansas River and that is what makes the bridge lovely.

If once in your life you want to be at somewhere mesmerizing, this bridge is exactly where you need to be at. While you stand on a 17 foot wide spanned bridge, the view of, the river’s water flowing, from a height of 40 foot will make you go crazy for this place.

There are benches on the bridge for the public to sit and enjoy their time and trash cans to keep the bridge clean which makes the Junction Bridge a better place to be at for some time.

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