Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock Zoo


The Little Rock Zoo has been accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Your visit to this zoo will be fantastic due to its serene beauty and animals. The best thing about this zoo is that it gets better every day as every year or whenever you will visit here you will get to see something new. This zoo is not only best to look at the animals but also to interact with nature. Not only children, but adults also love this place because the zoo has things that entice adults as well.


New exhibits at Little Rock Zoo


It is guaranteed that if you don’t visit the zoo for a few years, you will undoubtedly find a lot of changes they can be in terms of services, facilities, and so on. You will see many exhibitions that provide more space for animals such as bears and lions. You will also find that visitor facilities such as cafes and gift shops are getting bigger and bigger.

The latest exhibits include African savannah, kudu and red-crowned crane, dik-dik pier, Red River pig, and an interesting bird show that takes place every weekend in summer. In the zoo, you will get a chance to see an African penguin exhibition. This is a very refined exhibit and one of the best penguin exhibits you will ever see.

If you visit on weekends, you may able to have close contact with at least one animal. On weekends, Zoo volunteers introduce you to with some of their pet (trained) animals. Not only this, but the Little Rock Zoo also educates the animals to participate in shows and at children’s parties.


Tips for visiting the Little Rock Zoo


At the time of spring, the Little Rock Zoo becomes crowded, so it is advisable to avoid visiting there early or late. In the summer, first, go to see the big cats, then go to see those animals who are provided with indoor passages as they don’t like to stay in sunlight, so they get inside their passages. But, such kinds of animals remain active during the winter season.

Don’t dare to miss The Grizzlies show it is excellent and very much fun-filled that people of all age groups love watching it.


Pet zoo


The Little Rock Zoo used to have a pet zoo/child farm and a little goat. Currently, at the renovated Arkansas Heritage Farm, you can feed goats, but you can’t carry them with you. The heritage farm has some neat species used on farms around the world, including chicken, jungle chicken, and traditional turkey. Apart from this, the Zoo has collaborated with Heifer International to make this place more educational-oriented. So, if you are coming from some other state and hunting for something great to do with your family, then Heifer’s Global Village Downtown is also worth a look.


Operating Hours


Sep. 4 – Feb. 28
9 AM – 4 PM


From March 1 to September 3
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

30 Minutes after the last admission the grounds close to new visitors.

Admission Price:

Adults: $12.95 (age 13 and up)
Seniors age 60+: $2 off
Children age 3+: $9.95
Children age 2 get in free!
Military ( Active Duty ) $2 off

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