Thank God it’s Friday, right? But where is the party going to be?

If you are a party animal like me then am sure you know that Saturday night is no time watch TV at home. Nah… My best bet is that you would be heading to the closest night club where you would be either dancing your problems away or chilling out with some cold drinks.

If you are around Little Rock and looking for a place for some Saturday night excitement vibe and bizarre fun, then Discovery Night Club has got you covered.

Discovery Night Club happens to be one of the largest nightclubs in the South boasting over three different rooms which covers an area of over 35,000 square feet – more than enough dancing space if you ask me.

Formally known as “The Disco”, Discovery Night Club is located next to Triniti Club, another lit night club in Little Rock. Nothing beats the fun at the Club as it offers some of the best dancing opportunities in all of Little Rock, with the Club DJ playing anything from the top 40 list down to techno to live bands and trance. So depending on your preference, your Saturday night is guaranteed to absolutely be fun-filled.

How about the dance floor? In each Disco-Tech room is a high-impact dance floor, great lighting and some of the best EMD DJs you’ve ever experienced. And there is the drag show which features in the showroom, a concert where talented females showcases their amazing ability to create illusions. This show starts at 12.30 pm.

No Club experience is ever complete without the flow of booze, and the Discovery Night Club as got that covered as well with really hot and really cool bartenders at your service.

Finally, DSSiscovery is gay-friendly and has multiple rooms, an outdoor patio, and a pool table as well as occasionally hosting professional dancers. You must be 21 or over to enter Discovery Night Club. Click here to check out another attraction in Little Rock!

And remember, be safe. If you get drunk and drive through your garage door, you can always call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company for 24/7 service at no extra cost!

Here are directions to Discovery Night Club.

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(501) 244-3667