The Arkansas River Trail System

Your doctor would tell you all the health benefits of outdoor exercises such as hiking, skating, and cycling. But the fact remains that there can be mostly for fun as simple as that.

 Almost as important as going for an outdoor exercise is the trail which you chose to exercise on. If you’re considering taking up cycling, skating, and another outdoor exercise, around Little Rock, then your best trail option would be the Arkansas River Trail System.

The Arkansas River Trail is a 16-mile loop between the Big Dam Bridge and the downtowns of Little Rock and North Little Rock, starting on either side of the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.

The recently completed Two Rivers Park Bridge now extends the Arkansas River Trail 34 miles to Pinnacle Mountain State Park in west Pulaski County.

Walkers, cyclists, skaters, and joggers are invited to enjoy the trail, and its beautiful surroundings as even the paved path on most sections are wheelchair and stroller-accessible.

On the other hand, for more experienced Cyclists, there is the Arkansas River Trail System “Grand Loop,” which extends through Faulkner and Perry Counties to make an 88.5-mile loop.

Several exciting trails extending from both sides of the Arkansas River Trail make the outdoor experience even more enjoyable. For instance, Little Rock’s Medical Mile paid for by the medical community, is made extra special through educational murals and an extensive collection of sculptures.

Visitors are encouraged to use the extensive trails system (both on and off-road) in North Little Rock’s 1,600-acre Burns Park and 1,000 acres Two Rivers Park, owned by the City of Little Rock and Pulaski County. Trails For horseback riding are available in each park.

An interesting Boardwalk trail travels through The 13 acre William E. “Bill” Clark Presidential Park Wetlands by the Clinton Library. This backwater area was transformed with wooden walkways, a viewing platform, and a pavilion and now serves as an outdoor environmental classroom.

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