Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery

Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery

The battles of Cane Hill, Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, these are just some of the fierce battles throughout American history which took place in the historic grounds of Northwest Arkansas. Aside from the above-mentioned battles, the state has also served as ground zero for some minor clashes that involved the small cities of Northwest Arkansas.

Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery is a memorial park, found on 514 East Rock Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas, was built in recognition of the brave troopers of the Confederate States. Initially, the remains of the deceased brave warriors were scattered throughout nearby Benton and Washington county until efforts were made to collect and congregate these remains to their final resting place, the Confederate Cemetery, that we know today. The gravestones are organized into tree-concealed rows encircled by masses of natural stone. The burial ground also provides an overlooking view of the beautiful city of Fayetteville. Its as if these buried heroes continue to watch over Fayetteville on a peaceful hill, even though they’ve already passed.

A yearly memorial service, organized by the Southern Memorial Association, called The Southern Memorial Day Ceremony is held at the Confederate Cemetery which started in 1873. It begins with a parade from downtown to the confederate burial ground. Southern Memorial Days persisted until the modern days of today. In fact, they have been done in a particularly similar manner as they have consistently been commended. Even though only a fewer number of people partake in this event today, it nevertheless carries on the recognition and respect for the Confederate warriors buried in the Confederate Cemetery. A guest delivers the welcoming speech followed by the strewing of lovely flowers at the monument and individual grave heads. As a concluding act, Confederate re-enactors perform a firearm salute to honor the fallen soldiers, and a closing melody is sung afterward.

The Confederate Cemetery is included among the serene and quiet places to visit in Northwest Arkansas. Lovely, old, exceptionally tall trees conceal the stone graves. The trees appear to guard these fallen heroes, giving their salute to the individuals who rest underneath the ground. It is a perfect spot for calming one’s mind whilst reminiscing and appreciating history.  Like Basketball? Then You’ll love this place!

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