Garage Door Repair Options for Popping Sounds

Garage Door Making Noises? | Troubleshoot & Fix a Noisy Garage Door

A brand-new or well-functioning garage door does not create popping sounds or banging noises upon opening or closing. These doors are smooth operators. When a garage door opener and all its parts work perfectly, you must not hear any weird sound when you open or close it.  

Consequently, the moment that you would notice an unusual noise from your garage door, you can suspect any issues. There are a few reasons why garage doors make popping sounds, but don’t worry because it can be handled easily. So, let’s find out the things that could cause the popping noise of your garage door.

Broken or Loose Hinges

You can scan all your hinges easily in your garage door. If you have noticed that some of these are broken or have loosened, have it replaced or tightened. Surely, one of these could be the cause of the noise that your garage door makes.

Sagging Door Panels

Over time, the panels of the garage door could bow or sag. This bowing can cause banging or popping of panels as it bends upon opening. When this happens, it is best that you call garage door professionals right away.

Broken Garage Door Opener

Take note that garage door openers lift more than a hundred-pound garage door every time it is being used. As a result, the chain or the belt of the opener experiences stress and could wear out. To address this issue, you must call for professional services.

Broken Torsion Springs

The torsion springs are located at the sides of some garage doors and these are huge springs. Through time, these springs could lock up and it can cause a loud popping sound. Repairing these springs is dangerous hence, it is important that you call for an expert regarding this matter.

For all garage door concerns that need an expert’s advice, you can directly contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. With us, we can assure you that your garage door problems will be handled immediately.

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