Reasons Why Your Garage Door Motor Keeps on Running

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Wondering why your motor is running while your garage door is stuck? There are 5 reasons that could explain why that is happening.

If you notice that your garage door is stuck when you use the remote, but the opener runs, there is usually something wrong inside. The problem may not be clear at first but with proper investigation, you will surely find out the root of the problem. Below are the 5 common reasons that may cause this issue.

1. The Trolley is Disengaged

Every garage door has its manual disconnect. This lever usually hangs from the door’s trolley on a red rope. Pulling down the rope can disconnect the trolley from your door opener. As a result, your garage door opener may run but your door will stay in place.

2. The Door is Stuck

You must check your garage door to make sure that it smoothly travels along its tracks. To know this, you must disengage your garage door from the opener by puling the red rope. Be careful in doing this so that your garage door will not cause harm to you.  

3. The Door is Too Heavy

If you have replaced your garage door recently, there is a chance that it is not compatible with the opener that you have. There are instances where an opener cannot handle the weight of the garage door. When this happens, make sure that you call a garage door professional so that they can help you find a compatible opener.

4. The Opener has Worn Out a Gear

If your opener is chain driven, there is a possibility that its gear has worn out. As a result, this prevents your garage door from closing and opening. This usually occurs if the chain was installed in the motor too tightly.

5. The Springs Broke

Garage door springs do not usually gets worn out easily as this can last up to 12 years. However, once your spring gets broken, expect that your garage door opener cannot perform its duty anymore. Therefore, it is important that you check your springs once in a while.

Fixing or solving these problems will usually need an expert especially if you are not quite familiar about garage doors. So, if your garage door motor is acting up right now, contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company immediately.

Proper maintenance is the key to keep the performance of your garage door opener. To know more about this, read about Extending a Garage Door Opener’s Lifespan.

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