How to design a Haunted Garage for the Halloween

It’s once again this time of year. The leaves change colors, the weather gets colder, and shops start filling up with candy, pumpkins, and goblins. You may have gone the “usual” route in the previous year and left a chosen family member at home to answer the door for trick or treaters and distribute tasty sweets to odd-costumed kids visiting your house demanding free treats. But maybe this year, you’re searching for something else to do … a different thing. The great news is that you might have just found the right blog! This year, why not transform your garage into a horrific haunted house? Here are a few tricks to transform your garage into the creepiest haunted house.

Safety first

The very first rule to obey involves safety because if not, you could end up with a terrible accident that may simply ruin the event for you. You wouldn’t want something frightening or hurtful to happen in your house, considering Halloween’s reputation as a festivity of the macabre. 

Take a glance around and spot any potential hazards in your garage. Pay attention to some things that could cause unintended harm such as spills that need to be washed up, any loose objects that might fall in the rafters, any sharp objects that you have not put away. Have a fresh pair of eyes look around and verify your work until you think you’ve found all the issues because they might pick up on something you’ve overlooked. If they make extra comments, don’t be insulted … you would rather be safe than sorry.

Floor layout

Most possibly, to get around your garage, guests to your haunted house would need to walk. That being said, you can also put some interesting stuff around the exterior of the garage for the guests to gaze at, kind of like a macabre museum. 

Yet you’ve been to a haunted house yourself and you’ve most certainly learned that when you travel between rooms, one of the most valuable aspects of the haunted house experience is being shocked. That said, since you’re working on a garage with a smaller room than the usual haunted house, you’re going to have to be a little more creative and imaginative.

Something as plain as separating the center of the garage might be enough. A circular route around your haunted garage that guests can navigate through can be created by dropping a black curtain from the roof or placing a well-secured solid wood as a dividing wall. 

You could also hang sheets from the rafters to make the garage increasingly darkened and create a series of compartmentalized spaces. Rotate between placing them near the wall and close to the central divider so that a wall of sheet faces each door that leads to the next compartment. 


About a few of the creatures that can inhabit your haunted garage are crazy scientists, scary clowns, castle vampires, and graveyard zombies. At a seasonal shop, you may buy props, and you can still make several of these on your own. For instance, you might cut gravestones out of cardboard for your graveyard and paint them grey. A glowing white moon may also be cut out and suspended from the ceiling. Maybe buy some mulch and spread it on the floor to create the soil, and buy some rubber body limbs to pop out of the soil. 

When it comes to the crazy science lab, you can also grab rubber fingers and eyeballs and place them in the plastic containers or glass jars of liquid colored of food dye. You might also have some buckets for the curious guest to put their hands into.

Every one of the areas would benefit from some teamwork. Odds are there’s always someone who would enjoy the chance to work on a garage-based macabre display. 

Sound Effects 

To render your haunted garage eerie, you must have the appropriate sound effects. Buy a haunting sound CD that can be easily obtained online or found in a holiday, craft, or event shop. 

Think about the movies which frightened the living daylight out of you when you were a kid. The music was one of the most unforgettable aspects of that film. It set the stage for what you saw and generated within you an eerily incredible feeling of fear.

You’ll want to get a few lighting for your haunted garage as well. Provided, you want to make it dark, but you also want visitors to see your exhibits. Try plugging in some colorful bulb lighting or hiring a skilled person to drop some temporary fixtures from the rafters. Getting a room with vivid neon colors lit by backlights is one cool idea you might use. It’s eerie and enjoyable but produces an amazing visual spooktacular appeal.

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