Fayetteville National Cemetery

Fayetteville is a community that has long been around and has a deep past behind it. The Fayetteville National Cemetery also referred to as the National Cemetery, is one best attraction. Since 1867, this historical location has served the Arkansas Veteran organization proudly. It is located approximately few miles southwest of the old courthouse. It spans roughly 15 acres of outdoor space. Over 8,000 veterans were laid to rest at this site as of 2013, and about 200 new burials annually.

In 1867, Mr. Walker and Mr. Stone, residents of the area, bought the first few acres of land dedicated to the national cemetery. According to an illustration, the original configuration of the cemetery is of an “outer ring circling a six-pointed star with diamonds between the points of the star and the flagpole in the middle” with several divisions estimated to accommodate roughly 1,800 tombs. In 1989, a party of residents, veterans, and politicians moved to generate more funds to buy estate for the cemetery’s expansion.

Development at the National Cemetery has commenced on the acquisition of an extra 82 acres and is expected for finalization in late 2020. It is intended for the veterans and their families to continue to have access to the burial services they have accrued and entitled for decades to come with this new extension initiative. 

Though it is a national cemetery, not all can be laid to rest here. The list of rules for eligibility as well as some ground rules in effect that can be viewed on their official webpage. From sunrise to sunset, they are open every day for visitors. Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, except for Memorial Day, they are closed during federal holidays.

It is a very nice and humbling experience for you and your family knowing that all these brave men and women buried here stood up and fought for the nation’s freedom. 

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