Siloam Springs Museum Society

Revisit history through constant and revolving exhibits showcasing the heritage of Native America, early life, medicine, and many more aspects of our history and culture. Since 1969, the Siloam Springs Museum along Maxwell Street has already been safeguarding heritage, promoting culture, and contributing to the Siloam Springs, Arkansas community. 

The tale of this town, which used to be an Osage hunting ground and now has a vibrant industrial base, lovely woods, and a prominent university, is told through the constant and evolving displays. Here include period-based rooms that replicate the pre-Civil War residences and way of living of local people as well as how they transformed throughout the century 

In order to address the worries of the residents about valuable pieces of their history and culture were being forgotten, the creation of a museum was proposed to restore and immortalize such heritage. In November 1969, with only a nine-member board of directors managing the activities of the museum and owning the collection, the Siloam Springs Museum Society was established. 

The full collection was on display in the formative days of the museum, and the display included non-local objects such as seashells and caribou antlers. Much of the collection is currently in storage, supplying materials for four to five temporary exhibitions annually. Continuous exhibits are largely based on local history, including that of the prehistoric Caddoan mounds south of the city; white settlements starting with Simon Sager and family; the foundation of Siloam Springs, Arkansas Conference College, and JBU; modern industries, including Allen Canning Company and Simmons Foods; and much more.

The museum also provides children and parents with fun educational activities, field trips, and festivals, including the yearly “Siloam Springs Heritage Festival”. Similarly, the museum also seems to have a vast collection of pictures and articles and employs them to research history and culture as well as to facilitate residents and tourists with historical and genealogical investigations. 

As an institution, the Siloam Springs Museum will be commemorating its 51st anniversary. Join them in honoring the preservation of heritage, culture, and community for 51 years.

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