Mount Magazine State Park

In this little nook of Arkansas, situated discretely between the two magnificent National Forests, you don’t typically find anything. And whilst not only does the highest peak in Arkansas, Mount Magazine is housed by the modest jewel that is Mount Magazine State Park, but also a variety of comfortable camping, picturesque trails, and plenty of other leisure pursuits. Guests get an enchanting sight of a few of the elegance and scenic wonders that grant Arkansas its moniker, the Natural state. 

Wonderful perspectives of valleys, lakes, flowing rivers, and distant hills are offered by this State Park. From the densely forested woodland, rugged rock outcroppings protrude. Over 2,200 acres of outdoor space on top of a mountain is encompassed by the State Park. The yearly average temperature at the peak is six degrees lower than its surrounding areas. The altitude, temperature, and distinct geology of the mountain make a significant contribution to its plant and animal diversity and establish a diverse habitat within this limited region.

At Mount Magazine State Park, one of several fun activities one can do is rock climbing. 100 climbing paths are provided by the State Park. Many of the paths cater to novices. The park offers a good place to improve your rappelling abilities. You should register at the visitor center prior to actually climbing. Camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking are also other attractions at the state park.

Hang gliding is also another enjoyable activity to do while at Mount Magazine State Park. Tourists have swarmed over several years to the highest point in Arkansas. Mount Magazine has nearly ideal flight conditions, rendering it one of Arkansas’ finest hang gliding places. Individuals involved in hang gliding should register at the visitor center every day and be Class 4 certified to fly solo. With a Class 4, a Class 3 flier could hop. At the hang gliding launch facility, parking is accessible. Hang gliding usually occurs whenever the climate in Mount Magazine is appropriate.  

A journey to Mount Magazine State Park is a must if you ever walk through Arkansas. What renders this park much more monumentally breathtaking is that it is framed by land covering marvelous acres of woodland in the National Forest.

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