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The Art Ventures is a non-profit educational and charitable organization that is dedicated to provide everyone an access to the art industry.

The Gallery and Exhibitions programming of the organization is free to the general public. Thus, allowing everyone to experience their gallery as the organization live in their values.

History of the Organization

Art Ventures already belongs to the community of NWA ever since 2009, the year they opened at 1 East Center Street’ basement on Fayetteville Square. During 2012, the organization transferred to 101 W. Mountain on the Square’s southwest corner. In the late 2014, they qualified for the 501c3 non-profit status which allows them to apply for the key funding support from the agencies and foundations.

From the year 2012 ‘til 2014, the Fayetteville A&P Commission supported the organization. And since 2014, the Windgate Charitable Foundation, Arkansas Arts Council, Arkansas Community Foundation, Walmart Foundation, and some individual donations have supported the organization. Moreover, the sold artworks of the organization’s artists also supported the organization’s revenue.


  • Art Education

The Art Venture take a crucial step in introducing the socially conscious and exhibition phase aspects of the creation of art to the young children and the youth. Their foundational children’s exhibition premiered last November 2017, with the goal of supporting the hurricane relief in US and its neighboring territories.

  • Fine Art Galleries

The organization provides a venue for an innovative and high-quality of art. Most of the artists have vied for places in Northwest Arkansas on farmers’ market stand and walls of the coffee shops. These kinds of opportunities still exists to provide the needed exposure. However, the organization provide the artists a reliable and dedicated exhibition space for their artworks so that the community can gather around.

  • Art Business Practice

The organization engage the students from concept to reality in a curatorial process. The students of the university can acquire a practical work experience in the field of arts which includes accounting and various disciplines that is related to a successful practice of business. The artists can also learn various concepts so that they can develop the reality-based as well as tested practices of businesses. The organization introduce the investors to various artists who will be representing substantial probable return of investments through purchases of arts.

  • Arts Collaborator & Incubator

The organization recognizes promising artists that they can help in advancing their education of arts through artist talks, workshops, direct contemporary educations oral and written materials, mentoring, and time. Their work with various potential artist exhibitors has affected positively their understanding regarding the things that the artists do, the ability to building an exhibit that is profound and deliberate, and the ability in discussing their work focus.

  • Serving Micro-Communities

The organization focuses on representing various artists from different backgrounds and the arts that portrays the story of the different cultural experiences. During 2017, the organization has presented various shows that is based on the contemporary experiences of Native American, exposing racial hatred, women in the field of art, and a lot more.

They also work together with the LGBTQ+ community of NWA, raised funds for cystic fibrosis, and they are currently working on a thrilling educational movement for the children of local Marshallese.


Art Ventures have launched both virtual and live exhibitions. They encourage the artists to inquire regarding both exhibitions as well as developing a represented artist. The visiting artists can be chosen for joining either regular exhibitions or special exhibitions, depending on the opportunities. The organization aims to change their exhibits monthly on their main sites and bimonthly in others. Thus, new exhibitions are frequently arising.

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