Everything You Should Know About Mount Sequoyah Center

Mount Sequoyah Retreat & Conference Center - Fayetteville, AR - Meeting  Venue

The Mount Sequoyah Retreat and Conference Center welcomes families, individuals, faith groups, business leaders, and even non-profit organizations who are searching for a place for them to bring their purpose and mission on a straight direction. For most college students, this center is a home away from their home.

Mount Sequoya is a getaway above the city as it offers a unique and pleasing change from convention centers or hotels. The center offers a great place of solitude as well as several lodging and meeting locations whilst being convenient to world-class art, cultural venues, shopping, eateries, and sporting events.


Mount Sequoyah Center is a non-profit community space that welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy their grounds. The center is a multi-faceted area with dining, meeting, event, recreation space, and lodging for its visitors and the community.

MSC also welcomes businesses, other non-profits, and individuals to host their program. Also, everybody is welcome to produce their own programs like swimming, tennis, and summer camps. The mountain top of MSC is sited a few minutes from Fayetteville downtown.

Event Spaces

Bailey Center

This is the most versatile and largest meeting venue of Mount Sequoyah. The room measures 2,950 square-foot and has a capacity of accommodating 250 guests, if round tables, and 350 theater-style guests.

Clapp Auditorium

Clapp Auditorium – Mount Sequoyah

Originally constructed during 1939, the Clapp Auditorium is an open-air auditorium. Currently, it is enclosed and can accommodate 400 guests in stationary benches. Its 593 square-foot stage is perfect for theatrical productions, big church services, and concerts. There is a built-in sound system inside the auditorium and if it is not enough, you can rent an extra A/V equipment.

Martin Chapel

Mount Sequoyah Retreat & Conference Center - Fayetteville, AR - Meeting  Venue

This is an ideal location for holding wedding ceremonies, worship services, or memorial services. Colorful stained-glass windows fill the chapel which allows natural light to enter during daytime providing a beautiful background for evening events.


This event space has a capacity of accommodating 50 people, hence, perfect for training sessions, small conferences, family gatherings, and birthday celebrations. At the building’s front, its floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer the space an outdoor feel. At the back, there is a mini refrigerator, mini sink, and guest room.

Martin Classrooms

Mount Sequoyah Retreat & Conference Center - Fayetteville, AR - Meeting  Venue

Inside the Martin building, there is a Chapel that has 10 classrooms that can be used for special events, meetings, conferences, and seminars. Three of its largest rooms can cater 60 people, while the 7 smaller rooms can cater 45 people.

Millar Lodge

This lodge is a high-ceiling gathering area. It also has a full kitchen with a few kitchen essentials as well as an outdoor plaza that comes with a fire pit and furniture set. This meeting space measures 1,225 square-foot and can accommodate any of your needs. Also, the room has a large television and a built-in screen.

Parker Hall

Parker Hall – Mount Sequoyah

The Parker Halls contains 17 sleeping rooms as it is designed to host and hold young groups of women and men. There are 15 rooms upstairs and each of it has 2 twin beds. All the rooms upstairs share 2 big community bathrooms on both ends of the hall. On the other hand, the 3 remaining rooms downstairs each have 1 double-sized bed and has its own bathroom.

The ground floor of Parker Hall has 3 small classrooms, 1 big meeting area, and a kitchen. You can add chairs and tables so that you can transform the area into a dinner party or meeting space. Also, you can rent A/V equipment if you need it.

Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall

As a women’s dormitory originally, the hall has 27 sleeping rooms which share bathrooms. There is a kitchenette and a big parlor area with arm chairs, couch, and television. You can also add chairs and tables so that you can transform the area into a dinner party or meeting space.

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