Magazine Mountain

Throughout the state of Arkansas, Mount Magazine is the tallest mountain and the location of Mount Magazine State Park. This is undeniably one of the best hidden gems of Arkansas, even though it has been a refuge for typical weekend trips for many residents, particularly for the outdoorsy type who enjoy the wilderness and hiking on some exciting trails. 

When French explorers were passing through the city and a landslide took place on the mountain, the noise was so strong that it was regarded by one of the explorers as the sound of an exploding ammunition magazine. That’s how the mountain derived its name. 

A 10-mile drive north from Havana, Arkansas, is by far the most picturesque path to the peak. Throughout most of the ride, viewpoints of Blue Mountain Lake will also be appreciated. 

Magazine Mountain is situated around few miles south of Paris, Logan County which is  also famous as the Mount Magazine Scenic Byway, in the middle of the Ozark National Forest. It is a  straight-topped plateau with a sandstone top encircled by steep cliffs of rock. There are two peaks, The Signal Hill, situated atop the plateau, and Mossback Mountain. 

When you reach the peak, you’ll find a spectacular 60-room accommodation with 13 marvelous extra rooms. It is not your typical State Park. It’s a massive, stunning, tidy, up-to-date lodging perched atop the scenic Magazine Mountain.

What other activities are there to do at Mount Magazine? 

  • Trails- The top attraction here is hiking and exploring around Mount Magazine State Park. 
  • Adventure- Mount Magazine also offers hang gliding, mountain biking, horseback riding and several other resources if hiking is not adventurous enough for you and you desire something far more exciting. 
  • Geocaching-Geocaching is becoming increasingly common across the globe as it helps one to venture out into the outdoors and begin wandering as you attempt to find those hidden gems along the way. 
  • Nature exploration- What good time to see the fine biodiversity in Arkansas than going out into the woods and spotting several beautiful creatures.  

If you are not intending on spending a full day at Mount Magazine, the Cameron Bluff Overlook Drive is another good alternative. You will be amazed at just how beautiful the sights are along this one-way ride. 

In Arkansas, autumn is a beautiful season. Fortunately, the Natural State offers absolutely brilliant places to observe mesmerising natural environment blanketed in fall colors.

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