The Momentary

The community of Northwest Arkansas is growing continuously and we admire all the incredible sights that come to our beautiful Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas is famous for its Ozark scenery, delicious food, and extraordinary tourist destinations. l In Bentonville, there is an all-new contemporary art venue which I’m eager to tell you more about! 

Millennials have been regarded as experiential customers, individuals who want to invest their time in experiences instead of things or on items. They hold a very wide view of art and culture, a perspective that involves areas for music, amazing food, recreational activities, and interesting places to chill out: the Momentary, in essence.

Its title, The Momentary, essentially means transience. The satellite to the world-renowned Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located in downtown Bentonville is a highly anticipated vibrant, modern multidisciplinary contemporary art venue. It was opened to the public at the beginning of February 2020. It is right approximately 8th Street Market on the Razorback Regional Greenway for convenient access by bike or walking. There is also transport available from Wednesday through Sunday between the Momentary, 21c Museum Hotel, and Crystal Bridges!

The Momentary continues the cultural tradition of Northwest Arkansas via art, music, and food that pulls together the locals’ hobbies and interests from diverse cultures and experiences. The artists and performers featured in the Momentary embody the nation’s collective dynamic complexity. The coolest thing? the public entrance is free!

This facility was once a cheese factory and the architects refashioned it into a modern art center. It was an adaptive reuse initiative that ensured that almost all of the original structure was left unchanged by the team and only elements were introduced as needed. This reduced the building’s ecological footprint as well as restored a slice of history in Bentonville!

The Walton family established The Momentary, premised on the Walton’s aspirations, as a way of enriching the lives of the people in Northwest Arkansas.   Its dedication to the cultivation of arts and cultural experiences creates numerous opportunities in our region for education, active involvement, as well as amusement. 

In Bentonville, there’s still plenty to be thrilled about. It is wonderful to have yet another extraordinary destination for local and foreign tourists that puts Bentonville on the map! Be ready to discover it all, from museums, theaters, and concert rooms to a festival stage and tower bar!

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