Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel – A Mix Of Historic And Modern Architecture

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel – A Mix Of Historic And Modern Architecture

Are you a bride looking for a magical place, with echoing wedding bells, to exchange vows and promise eternity with your groom? If yes, then you ought to visit this place! You’ll surely find yourselves in awe with the enchanting beauty of this chapel.

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, locally known as the Cooper Chapel can be found at 504 Memorial Drive, Bella Vista. It was built in the year 1988. The idea was conceived by the artists E. Fay Jones and Maurice Jennings motivated by the designs of cathedrals of Europe in the medieval times. Shortly after construction was completed, it held its very first event, a wedding. The intimacy of the wedding captivated a lot of the locals as well as outsider guests and it started the chapel’s reputation for wedding ceremonies.

Architecture – Not only that the chapel itself is straight out of a fairy tale book, but the route going there is also as scenic as in the fairy tales! The nature trail is curved but short. It adds to the anticipation and excitement to reach the chapel. The chapel’s exterior is downright spectacular. It is painted in a way that it blends with the soaring pine and majestic oak trees, perfectly complementing the surrounding nature. Even though the chapel’s design was patterned from medieval cathedrals, the materials used to construct the chapel was entirely different. The builders used tons of durable steel instead of stone for the structural framework. The inside is studded with several symmetric and repetitive high-pointed Gothic arches. The transparent, sturdy glass is joined with the steel framework further accentuates the place, giving it an abundant supply of natural lighting. The glass walls enwrap nature and let patterns of sunshine and shadow invoke a subtle, nonetheless dynamic ambiance.

Services – the chapel is open for public use seven days a week from 9 am until 5 pm, regardless of personal religious beliefs since the chapel is non-denominational. Cooper Chapel provides the setting for your dream wedding ceremony, vow renewal, cultural or religious events, baptisms, and memorial services. It can accommodate about 120 guests. Receptions and after-party, as well as overnight lodging, is also not a problem because the chapel partners with nearby Trail Edge cabin located at Bella Vista to provide the accommodation for the guests.

This is a perfect place for you and your loved one, or watch your loved ones say “I do”. Your experience will be one of a kind. The place itself is breath-taking, perfect for couples in love to start their happily ever after.

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