Razorback Stadium

Are you a fan of football or generally all types of sport? If yes, then I believe Razorback stadium is a must-see for you whenever you find yourself lost in the natural state of Arkansas. Razorback Stadium, recently renamed to Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium is located at 350 North Razorback Road, Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. The enormous stadium is the territory of the University of Arkansas football team, the Razorbacks. It was opened in the year 1938 and was called Razorback Stadium since then. During that time, it accommodated a range of 50 thousand to 72 thousand eager fans and spectators coming from all over the state. It remained that way until renovations were made in the year 2001. The changes included an expansion on the stadium’s seating capacity, adding about 8 thousand seats and sets of chairback seating at the south end of the stadium which pushes the total seating capacity to 80 thousand. The name “Donald W. Reynolds” was also added to the existing “Razorback Stadium” to commemorate the invaluable contribution of the philanthropist and businessman Donald W. Reynolds. The playing field where the stadium stands were also named Frank Broyles Field, to honor the great coach and athletic director of the Razorbacks. The enclosure also added space for a food court that can accommodate five stalls. 

Since the enormous stadium became operational, it continued to draw a large crowd of spectators, football fans, and enthusiasts turning the stadium into one of the most sought after football venue of today. If coupled with nice weather, the football experience you can obtain here is extraordinary. A wide, convenient front parking is available. The tickets are fairly priced. The atmosphere inside is energetic. Wherever it is that you choose to sit, your view of the playing field is still great. The food selections are wide, delicious, and reasonably priced.

Overall, it’s an extraordinary venue to watch your favorite team play ball. You can come with your family and friends. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a fan of the Razorbacks, you will still have an extraordinary football experience here. 

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